A Tutorial on How to Post an Article on LinkedIn

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To share your visions, insights, and views, it’s important to know how to post an article on LinkedIn. Share them with more than 300 million professional users of LinkedIn all across the globe.

As a LinkedIn user, the site is now made it possible to share your ideas, show your expertise or tell your story if you know how to post an article on LinkedIn. By posting and publishing articles on LinkedIn, it will allow you to shoot your target market as well as reach more audiences.

Moreover, if you post an article on LinkedIn and then your peers or contacts share them through various social media like Facebook or Twitter, you can get wide exposures. Below are the steps of how to create an article and publish it.

A Tutorial on How to Post an Article on LinkedIn

Step by Step to Create Articles on LinkedIn

To create and post an article on LinkedIn is actually really simple. The thing is, if you are a new user, and you do not have publishing capabilities, which is given by the site, you are not allowed to write more than 1300 characters and the whole article publishing tools access.

But even without publishing capabilities, you will still be able to learn the most recent ways on how to post an article on LinkedIn in under 1300 characters by using these simple steps below. The tutorial is also applied on how to post an article on LinkedIn in app.

  • Open your LinkedIn homepage. On the top of the page, choose Write an article menu. Or you can scroll down, look below the navigation bar, next to the like and comment button, is the Write an article button and just click on it.
  • Type in the headline of your written article on the Headline field.
  • To write the content of your article, click on the Write here field. The field and tools also allow you to add visual imagery.
  • After you’re done writing it, choose the publish menu on the top right of the page.
  • A pop up menu will appear. To post an article on LinkedIn of yours, click Publish. To continue edit the article, click Cancel.
  • To share the articles, click on the Share icon. It is available under the article or in a top bar under the site’s navigation.
  • By using the tools, things like hyperlink or a cover for the article can be added. Both of these are only optional to maximize your article potential.

Few Things to Remember When You Create and Publish Articles

Now that you’ve learned how to post an article on LinkedIn, there are few things to take notes for. The most basic thing to remember is that a LinkedIn Post is different from Article. Article is longer in terms of word counts and length, the content is also more in-depth than a post update. When you publish or post an article on LinkedIn, it will:

  • Be a part of your profile. The article will appear in the Article section.
  • Be shared with your followers or colleagues. They can find the articles through their feed, or through the notification.
  • Be followed by a user whom not in your network circle.
  • Be visible to everyone, inside and outside LinkedIn. It depends on your settings, by setting your profile visibility to Everyone option, the articles will be published publicly.

It also important to note regardless of your account’s type, which is a premium or free ones, it is possible to post an article on LinkedIn. However it is not possible to learn how to post an article on LinkedIn business page, as currently only the individual profiles are allowed to. You are only able to communicate through the organization’s story on the platform.

Now that you’ve learned how to post an article on LinkedIn, it is time to try it out. Make sure to create the highest quality article possible, because it will be displayed on your LinkedIn profile, and your profile is essentially your internet identity on display. Do not publish anything that could possibly harm your reputation or lessen your credibility.