American Pacific Mortgage Locations and Review

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American pacific mortgage locations consist of the main office and local branches. Several services related to the mortgage are necessary to visit directly.

American Pacific is one of companies that provide mortgage. The services are available in many areas, mostly in U.S. The customers and clients come from vary background and source. In order to support and provide service, the company has head office and branches. Where are American Pacific mortgage locations? The answers are explained in the following sections.

American Pacific Mortgage Locations and Review

Details of American Pacific Mortgage Locations

In past time, you needed manual map and asking someone for the direction. Today, digital map will show where the location precisely. You can have information regarding American Pacific and nearby locations.

1. American Pacific headquarter

American Pacific Mortgage is located in 3000 Lava Ridge Court, Suite 200, Roseville, CA 95661. This information is valid from official website. Customers may visit to obtain further information.

2. Nearby branches

Where do you live? You already know American pacific mortgage locations for headquarter. If you live nearby that place, visiting directly is possible as long as it is in office hour. However, you may stay or in faraway area. In that case, several branches will help to serve as the same service. American Pacific has office in 31 states in US. Furthermore, each state has more than one office. For example, if you live in Arizona, some offices are available. You can visit office branches in Phoenix, Payson, Scottsdale, and Glendale.

To check if your address is nearby those branches, visit the main website and go to branch area. You will see the U.S map that covered with dark blue to indicate states with American pacific mortgage locations. Scroll down and explore the specific address at certain state. You will find Washington, Oregon, California, Texas, Utah, and Colorado. Basically, those addresses are important to know in order to apply mortgage and other services related to it.

3. Mortgage officer

Knowing location gives several benefits. The most common one is mortgage officer that you can ask for application, payment, and support. Keep in mind the officer for mortgage is different from customer support. American Pacific Mortgage has several divisions to handle mortgage business. You can call to know the loans offered by this company.

4. Payment

Mortgage is inseparable with payment. In fact, clients or customers have obligation to fulfill their duty regarding payment. The company has several methods for payment process. You can send money directly by auto bill via online account. It is useful and reliable system to prevent the late payment issue. Furthermore, all transactions are secure, and your account is safe.

Next payment option is via phone or third party. In old days, calling for paying mortgage was common. After the company checked and authorized the routing number, the money was sent immediately. This option is still available in case some customers cannot access their account. Of course, you need to call technical support if choosing this option.

5. Customer support

As it mentioned above, customer support is important in mortgage business. This kind of loan is long term, and there is possibility to change in the future. Customer support handles almost everything until the issue is solved. You are the existing customer, and the support will be ready immediately. If you want to join American Pacific, the customer support will give instruction on how to apply.

American Pacific Mortgage Locations and Related Things

Several things are also important after you know American Pacific mortgage locations. You should know about the mortgage, refinance, term, and rates. They are listed briefly in the next section.

A. Mortgage and refinance

Mortgage is home loan that’s commonly for buying new house. It is similar to other loans, but the house is for collateral. Besides buying, mortgage is also reliable to obtain cash or quick fund. You might be in need or emergency that requires quick money. As solution, you can apply mortgage and use your own home as collateral.

American Pacific mortgage refinance is reviewing and reassessing the latest contract for new one. This option is solution when borrowers cannot complete the regular payment. They may have issue regarding financial situation, and the mortgage is in the risk for being default. In this case, lender and borrower should meet to solve and choose refinance. Well, refinance is also capable to lower the rate and extend the term. Then, the borrower will receive new contract for future payment.

B. Term and rates

In addition, the period is mostly called the term that starts between 10 and 30 years, although it is not strictly applied. In real implementation, the mortgage is more flexible because it needs to adjust with the real condition. American Pacific charges interest and it is called as rates based on percentage of initial loan. The rates are available in two options: fixed and adjustable. Each has pros and cons depending on what you choose.

Based on what have been explained above, you understand why knowing location is necessary. After that, some aspects are the basic things to understand mortgage before applying directly to their office. There are many American Pacific mortgage locations in some areas, and customers just need to visit the nearest ones from their home.