Arvest Central Mortgage Company Profile and Essential Information

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Arvest Central Mortgage Company service is used by many people to obtain a new house. Everything you need to know about the company is written down below.

Arvest Central Mortgage Company is a great place to go when someone needs a home loan. Buying a house these days is quite impossible to be done in cash. That’s why a company that can offer a home loan, like Arvest, is always sought. Why Arvest is popular? Here’s the answer.

Arvest Central Mortgage Company Profile and Essential Information

Brief Basic Information about the Company

To understand why Arvest Central Mortgage Company is always recommended by lots of people who have been using its service, you need to find out first about the very basic information of the company down below.

1. The History

The mortgage company of Arvest Central, also known as Central Mortgage Company, was founded in 1974. It was established under the Arvest Bank, which was already famous as one of the biggest banks in Arkansas. The company was established in Little Rock, Arkansas and to this day has its headquarter there. The company’s goal was always to provide wide variety of financial service, especially mortgage loan, to any communities across the USA.

2. The Loans Available

Arvest Central Mortgage Company basically covers all types of mortgage loan. However, some of the most important and popular types of loan offered by the company is the 30 years and 15 years fixed rate loans. These loans provide more predictable bill every month. The fixed rate is also available in 10 years period. Besides of that, Arvest also has ARM (Adjustable Rate Mortgage), FHA, VA, and numerous other government-backed loans. The company provides reverse loan and refinance service as well.

3. The Pre-Approval Process

The pre-approval process of Arvest is quite famous to be simpler than most of the mortgage companies. The company will ask the borrower to provide credit score, employment reference, finance record and background check, and sometimes a certificate declaring that you are not in heavy debt. Once all of these paper works are ready, the company will analyze whether or not you are eligible for the loan. If you are approved, you will be given a reference from the company declaring that you are approved to get home loan. The reference should be helpful when you are going around finding a new house to buy.

4. The Payment Methods

The payment method to clear the bill from Arvest Central Mortgage Company can be done in various ways. Customers can come in to the office and talk directly to the customer service. However, the payment can be made online as well. The borrowers have several options, including calling the customer service officer to make the payment (by calling 501-716-5600), making payment via the official website (, and mail the payment to the company (to 801 John Barrow, Suite 1, Little Rock, AR 72205, USA).

The Company Reviews for Its Pros and Cons

The popularity of Arvest Central Mortgage Company is decided by reviews. The reviews are mostly positive and many people left good comments about the company. To make it fair, here are some of the pros and cons often discussed in the reviews.

1. Pros: High Rate of Customer Satisfaction

One of the most positive things people often write on the comments and reviews is the fact that Arvest Central Mortgage Company receives a very few complaints. They have been serving and helping people for over 40 years and in that many years; almost everyone is satisfied with the service given by the mortgage company. It proves that Arvest is always serious in doing their business and serving the customers. They do not want to let down any of their customers. This is why a lot of homeowners are coming back for second house or any next house using the same help of Arvest.

2. Pros: Full of Professional Officers

The company has been around since 1974. It means that Arvest has already served people and helped them with mortgage loan for more than 40 years. There is no doubt that today the company is full of professional officers. It is not only the loan officers, but basically everyone in the company is helpful and professionals, including the customer service officers as well.

3. Pros: Big Possibility of Approval

People with low credit score or have bad financial-related experience in the past are often find it hard to get approved for small loans, let alone for mortgage loan. However, if they choose to use the help of Arvest, they will get bigger chance of being approved. Arvest Central Mortgage service is basically set up to make sure everyone can have access to a new house, regardless of the background and financial history.

4. Cons: No Published Rates Online

When people want to choose a mortgage company, they will do extended research on their own. Basically, they are going to snoop around the internet, finding information about the company profile and the rate of the loan. If you want to use Arvest and try to find its rate loan online, you won’t find it. This is truly one of the biggest let downs of the company that many people complaint about. By not having official loan rate posted online, it is impossible to predict the loan in advance.

5. Cons: Website Does Not Help

Having a reliable, accessible website is a mandatory aspect for any company. People these days are very dependent to internet. If they want to know something, they go looking for it on the internet. Unfortunately, the Arvest Central Mortgage website is not too helpful. It does not contain useful information needed. They often get crashed as well and not accessible due to server errors. Many people find this situation annoying and it is also dangerous to drive potential new clients away.

Well, when it comes to a home loan, you should never take it for granted or joke around it. It is a serious matter that can affect the financial condition of yours quite easily. Make sure you choose the best company only to get the loan. Arvest Central Mortgage Company seems to be the perfect choice from now on.