Atlantic Bay Mortgage Customer Service for the Support and Information Source

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Every company needs customer service, including Atlantic Bay. If you have any mortgage problem, Atlantic Bay Mortgage customer service is first thing that may come up in your mind.

Mortgage involves many aspects that necessary to understand. It is big loan which is also known as home loan. That’s why customer service is inevitable. Atlantic Bay Mortgage customer service is ready anytime. If you are a part of this company, having their numbers is important thing you need to do.

Atlantic Bay Mortgage Customer Service for the Support and Information Source

Exploring Atlantic Bay Mortgage Customer Service

The next sections will explore few things related to customer service in Atlantic Bay. It starts from understanding customer service. After that, you will see information about the numbers to call and few topics that closely related to mortgage.

1. Customer service

You are surely familiar with the term customer service. Bank and financial companies need this division to manage their customers and clients. What is their job? In simple term, customer service acts as the support from company in order to make sure every complaint, issue, transaction, and after sales are in right order. In fact, good customer service shows characteristic of the company itself. If you cannot provide better service, it is a bad sign to client and potential customer.

That’s the value of Atlantic Bay Mortgage customer service. The company is in mortgage business that customers play important parts. People recognize this company as the best because of what customer service does. Therefore, this division is the key to stay in leading market.

2. Atlantic Bay Mortgage customer service

What number do you need to call when some things happen? At first, open your browser and visit Atlantic Bay website. Go to the top left and find Contact link. Click it and you will go to the page containing important information. Firstly, you will see address for the main office of Atlantic Bay. The company is located in 600 Lynnhaven Pkwy, Ste. 203, Virginia Beach, VA 23452. If you live in nearby area, it is best to visit the office directly.

After that, there is number for general contact. You may call at (757) 213-1660. This is the number of Atlantic Bay Mortgage customer service. General contact means clients may call for any problem and issue. Besides, potential customers or borrowers can start from calling this number. They will receive information to go for the further steps.

3. Mortgage payment

Mortgage and payment are two things that cannot be separated. When having mortgage, you have obligation to complete payment. This money is paid regularly until all debts are completed. The payment consists of several items, such as principal loan, interest, tax, and insurance. Principal loan means the amount of loan you obtain from Atlantic Bay. It comes with interest at certain rates. Tax and insurance are additional cost to fulfill.

Atlantic Bay has system to manage payment. Customers pay directly via online, phone, or third party service. The online payment is the best way because it is secure and safe. Moreover, you can connect your account to bank saving to apply the automatic payment. You do not have to worry when due time is near, but cannot access the account. Auto pay will handle everything.

If you have question regarding this process, Atlantic Bay provides call center at (888) 880-4617. This number is for customers who have issue related to payment. Any question will be answered immediately. Some customers might only save the general contact. However, customer service will direct to this number if your problem is related to payment.

4. Media inquiries

In addition, Atlantic Bay has division that handles media inquiries. What do they do? Any information you want to know will come from this one. You can send email to or call (877) 220-824. In particular case, Atlantic Bay Mortgage customer service includes this number for further support.

More Details of Atlantic Bay Mortgage customer Service

Now, you know why the customer service is necessary. Mortgage is long-term commitment and good relationship will make everything better. Therefore, customer becomes frontier for service and support. Besides knowing this part, you should understand the way the mortgage work as well.

Atlantic Bay mortgage uses long-term contract. Today, you may be in good financial level with stable income and expect to increase few years later. Unfortunately, something happens unexpectedly that affects your financial. This is where situation starts to change because you cannot pay regularly. In order to handle this issue, customer service will lead to what commonly called as refinance.

Atlantic Bay refinance is the process to renegotiate and review the recent mortgage situation. Atlantic Bay will suggest few options, such as extended term, lowering or adding more rate, short sale, and new contract. The main purpose is to ensure that customers do not lose the home and everyone receives win-win solution.

Many people have misconception about customer service. When you call them, every problem will be solved immediately. In fact, you can call customer service to know about mortgage. This division will direct you to the right department. For existing clients, any problem will go to any department related to particular issue. With many calls every day, Atlantic Bay Mortgage customer service works to fulfill what clients need the most.