Atlantic Bay Mortgage Group Charlotte NC and Its Locations

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If you live in Charlotte NC, there is Atlantic Bay mortgage group Charlotte NC as local branch. You can visit and find guidance from mortgage banker.

Atlantic Bay provides mortgages as the core business alongside several related offers. You may apply and obtain mortgage to purchase new home. If you live in Charlotte NC, there are several branches for Atlantic Bay mortgage group Charlotte NC. More about this information is explained in the following section.

Atlantic Bay Mortgage Group Charlotte NC and Its Locations

Find Atlantic Bay Mortgage Group Charlotte NC

Mortgage is home loan that involves many aspects and regulations. For beginners, the terms and contracts take time to understand. That’s why you should contact local branch for further support.

1. Charlotte NC Branches

Atlantic Bay mortgage group Charlotte NC is available in three locations. Each of them is easy to access and find. You may utilize online map and draw direction to reach their place. The first address is located in 4501 Charlotte Park Dr, Charlotte, NC 28217. This office has phone number and customer may contact at +1 704-717-5801.

Second branch in the same city is located in 3430 Toringdon Way Suite 101 and 105, Charlotte, NC 28277. As usual, the phone is available at +1 704-717-5838. The last office in Charlotte NC is 2701 Coltsgate Rd, Charlotte, NC 28211. You can call this office at +1 704-717-5824.

2. Mortgage banker

Knowing local branch has several benefits. After long study about mortgage, you are ready to submit the application. However, you cannot process it alone and need guidance. This is why Atlantic bay provides mortgage bankers. They are ready to help and support everything since submitting the application until the end of mortgage term

To find mortgage bankers, you have two methods. Firstly, visit official website and click the link to mortgage banker list. Use the search feature to find person who lives nearby in your area. They will be stationed in local branch. Another method is to ask directly in nearby branch. In this case, you already know the location of this branch and Charlotte NC branches are already listed at previous section.

Atlantic Bay Mortgage Group Services

Besides Charlotte NC, Atlantic Bay mortgage also have several offices in many states. They have the same service and support, especially mortgage banker and customer support. People can make appointment to visit directly to them.

Atlantic Bay home loan is primary service, but the company offers several options. For example, you may apply mortgage and obtain cash. For such purpose, you already own the house and use it as collateral. Cash or money is mostly for funding, emergency expensive, financial support, etc. As long as you are eligible for their service, Atlantic Bay will deliver what you want. This is similar to refinance as the solution to keep mortgage out of default. Refinance creates new contract with lower rates from predecessor. The service is suitable for customers who have financial issue that prevents to fulfill payment duty on time.

Atlantic Bay mortgage group relies on customer support. Mortgage is long-term business and customer support is the key to maintain loyalty. Besides, many people have issues after several years regarding mortgage. First thing they do is to contact customer service. Furthermore, Atlantic Bay mortgage group Charlotte NC has contact number to be ready for further contact.