Atlantic Bay Mortgage Group Self-help Website

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Atlantic Bay Mortgage Group aims to make a more streamlined mortgage process for customers. Its self-help website is an innovation to achieve that goal.

As a company with more than two decades of experience in mortgage industry, Atlantic Bay Mortgage Group definitely has plenty of help to offer to hopeful mortgagors. The company has an objective to help making mortgage financing a streamline process that does not induce anxiety in their clients. Let’s learn more about it!

Atlantic Bay Mortgage Group Self-help Website

Self-help Website for Potential Customers of Atlantic Bay Mortgage

In order to allow ease of access for their future customers, this company established a website for them. This interactive website allows prospective mortgage borrowers to get to know the company better.

There are several functions that are available within Atlantic Bay Mortgage company website that will be very helpful for you. Here are some of them.

1. Mortgage Prequalification

An important step in any mortgage proceeding that people tend to skip is mortgage prequalification. People usually skip this process for several reasons. One of the reasons is to get information directly from mortgage officer. If you get prequalified, you do not need to discuss about this matter anymore with the officer and can start to get done and doing business. Here are the steps to mortgage prequalification.

  • Access the company’s website at
  • Click on orange button in the middle that says “Get Pre-Qualified Today”.
  • Enter basic contact information such as email address.
  • Choose the location of your property. Keep in mind that Atlantic Bay Mortgage Group only serves in nine states.
  • Click “Send Your Message”.

2. Basic Mortgage Information

The website is also helpful when it comes to new customers or anyone who simply does not have proper knowledge in mortgage. It compiles several different basic mortgage information details to be read by website visitors. You will be able to find some tips in the course of mortgage payment, available mortgage plans, and even checklist for mortgage application. How can you get to this particular page in the website?

  • Go to company’s website at
  • Click on link named “Mortgage Resources” at the right corner of website.
  • Scroll down and you will see sections that have necessary information about mortgage.
  • Click on your chosen section.

3. Mortgage Calculator

Before you are taking on mortgage, you want to know what will become your financial responsibility for the next few decades or so. The prequalification already provides you information about how much money you are eligible to borrow from Atlantic Bay Mortgage Group. However, it does not give you the estimation of possible monthly payment that you have to make. How to utilize the online calculator in this website?

  • Go to company’s website at
  • Click on link named “Mortgage Resources” at the right corner top of the website.
  • Scroll down and you will see the online calculator tool.
  • Enter information such as your property’s value (must be less than the maximum amount you are qualified for), down payment, APR rate, and the loan term.
  • The result will appear automatically. Keep in mind that it will not be an accurate since there are other factors that play role in the monthly bill rate.

4. Finding Home Loan Program

You can also find the right home loan program to try out in the website. Atlantic Bay Mortgage banking company offers financial help for home purchase, refinancing, and renovating. You will be able to find a specific program for your specific case in its website. Here are the steps that you can do to achieve that.

  • Go to company’s website at
  • Click on link named “Mortgage Resources” at the right corner of website.
  • Scroll down and you will see sections that have necessary information about mortgage.
  • Choose a section called “Loan Comparison”.
  • There are several situations written in blue boxes. Choose one that suits you the most and you will see the name of mortgage plan that suits that certain situation.

5. Finding Home Loan Advisors

The website also allows you to find the right local mortgage banker or loan advisor to assist you during the application process. Experts employed by this company are locals with deep knowledge of certain mortgage practices and regulations in states where Atlantic Bay Mortgage Group operates. In order to get the name of your prospective loan advisors, you only need to select menu named “Find a Mortgage Banker” on top of the company’s web page. The page will show you pictures and contact information of the bankers.

Contacting the Atlantic Bay Mortgage Officers

Whether you are the future or current customers of this company, you would want to be able to reach out for help anytime. This company establishes several means of contact.

You can visit the company’s main office which is located in Virginia Beach, VA. The exact address for its main office is Lynnhaven Pkwy, Ste. 203 Number 600. It is also possible to call the general customer support’s phone number at 757-213-1660. If you are a customer who has trouble with making mortgage payment, then you should call 888-880-4617. You can also send messages via its website by heading to

In this day and age, more people want to rely on their own resources and pace when it comes to mortgage. Atlantic Bay Mortgage Group understands that and designed a website that enables customers to become independent users. Nonetheless, you can still get in touch with its fabulous support team.