Atlantic Bay Mortgage Locations and Review

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Every company has office as a proof that the business is legitimate. That’s about Atlantic Bay Mortgage locations as the place to manage business and customer support.

If you want to purchase new home, mortgage is the best way to fulfill such plan. Several companies provide mortgage, including its support. One of them is Atlantic Bay Mortgage that has been in this business since long time ago. Where are Atlantic Bay Mortgage locations? Knowing their offices is important before conducting the further application.

Atlantic Bay Mortgage Locations and Review

Find and Just Go to the Atlantic Bay Mortgage

Atlantic bay is not new company in mortgage business. You will find many braches in USA, and just visit the one that’s nearby your location. To know where to find them, the next section gives useful information.

1. The main office

Knowing the offices is important that gives several benefits. You may be the first timer in mortgage field and do not have enough experience. Many companies and agencies offer attractive package for your mortgage. Which one is the best to choose? Each company has pros and cons, but you should start from the most prominent one. In that case, Atlantic Bay mortgage is recognizable in many states.

Atlantic Bay Mortgage locations consist of the main office and branches. For the main office, you may visit 600 Lynnhaven Pkwy, Ste. 203 Virginia Beach, VA 23452. As you know, the headquarter is in Virginia Beach. If you live in that area, visiting the office directly is recommended.

2. Branches and mortgage bankers

At first, the company had only one office to manage everything. After the long business, Atlantic Bay is capable to expand mortgage service. To support customers and reach vast market, several branch offices are established. Each of them provides the same service, and customers may find mortgage bankers based on the branch they pick.

Mortgage banker is the person who handles your application from beginning until you sign the mortgage contract. Moreover, this person has responsibility to make sure your account does not have issue. To contact mortgage banker, you need to know where they work. This is another reason to find nearby Atlantic Bay Mortgage locations. The company has several bankers, and each comes from different locations. Visit the official website and click the link at top segment related to mortgage banker. You will see tons of people who work in Atlantic Bay. Just choose the one that closest to you.

3. Contact number

If you do not know where the nearby Atlantic Bay mortgage, the fastest way to find out is via customer service. Atlantic Bay has general number at (757) 213-1660. You can call in office hours to obtain the quick information. For example, you may want to apply and have issue to find the right banker. In that case, this number will direct your problem to the right division. If you are already a part of Atlantic Bay, this number is useful as starting point to overcome any problem. Another contact is for media at and (877) 220-8248.

4. Mortgage application

Atlantic offers mortgage with many variations. You may use to purchase new house. In that case, borrower needs to prepare documents and few requirements. Application for mortgage involves several aspects, such as financial status, income statement, credit score, credit history, and taxes. After submitting, you just wait for reviewing and approval. The mortgage banker helps to guide all procedures in order to pass the reviewing stage quickly.

5. Mortgage payment

Atlantic Bay mortgage payment is how much you pay in order to fulfill the debt obligation. In mortgage, borrowers receive the amount of money and have obligation to pay until the end of term. The payment consists of principal loan, interest, tax, and insurance. Principal loan is divided into equal amount for each period. Moreover, interest is from the rate that Atlantic Bay applies for certain mortgage.

You may have the rate between fixed, adjustable, or both. Fixed rate means the same payment from beginning until all debts are paid off completely. On the other hand, adjustable rate leads to various payments for each period based on the latest rate exchange. You may combine both to obtain the utmost benefits. If you find issue regarding payment, you should call (888) 880-4617.

Other Details of Atlantic Bay Mortgage

You already know where Atlantic Bay Mortgage locations. Next thing is related few topic about the mortgage. In Atlantic Bay, besides offering regular mortgage, you can also obtain mortgage that specifically designed for you

Another aspect is refinance as the method to manage mortgage in distress situation. In simple term, it is the method to review and renegotiate contract for better term. The mortgage involves long term that lasts more than 10 years. Some people are not in the same level as few years ago. With economic and financial change, there is issue for default because you cannot pay anymore. Another factor is the mortgage becomes too much and need to readjust with recent financial condition. This is where Atlantic Bay provides refinance as the solution.

From the explanation above, Atlantic Bay is not small company in mortgage business. The main offices and branches help to support customers. You just find the closet Atlantic Bay Mortgage locations in your city. After that, just contact customer support and ask for direct meeting to the banker.