Atlantic Bay Mortgage Payment Information and Options

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There are a lot of things to understand about Atlantic Bay Mortgage payment. Some of the most essential things to know about it are listed here.

Atlantic Bay Mortgage payment has to be made every month. Taking up a loan for buying a  new house at Atlantic Bay is indeed very beneficial. It has wide array of loan types as well as many other advantages. About its payment, find more information related to it down below.

Atlantic Bay Mortgage Payment Information and Options

What’s in Atlantic Bay Mortgage Payment Every Month?

When you receive your monthly payment bills, there will be the certain amount of money that you will have to pay for that month. Where are the total amounts of the Atlantic Bay Mortgage payment coming from? Here they are

1. Principal

The first element of the Atlantic Bay Mortgage payment bill is surely the principal. Principal here means the amount of money you will have to pay for the loan. The total amount of loan for the house is going to be divided into the total months of the loan length. That is the principal. The more months you take for the loan, the lower the principal will be.

2. Interest

Every mortgage loan has interest. The interest is going to depend on so many aspects, including the type of loan. If you take the fixed-rate loan, whether it is the 15 years or 30 years type, the interest is fixed and unchanged every month. On the contrary, if you take the ARM or adjustable rate mortgage, the interest is surely going to change month by month, depending on the market situation and the value of the house, to name a few.

3. Taxes

Atlantic Bay Mortgage payment amount is going to include taxes as well. There are quite a lot of taxes burdened to the customers. However, they are quite common and a lot of companies, if not all companies running on mortgage loan, use them. The taxes are mostly related to real estate property and many differ from one state to another as it is established by local government. Taxes are usually taking 1-5% of the principal.

How to Make Atlantic Bay Mortgage Payment?

Now you know where the amount of money you have to pay every month is coming from. It is time to actually make the Atlantic Bay Mortgage payment. How to make them? Some of the best ways are:

A. Online Payment

The best method to make Atlantic Bay Mortgage payment is to pay the bill online. Use the website of the Atlantic Bay to make the online payment. It is so easy because you do not have to come to the office or do anything complicated. All you need to do is register on the online payment page on the official website of Atlantic Bay. There, you will have to make an account and then provide your loan information. After all the needed information is collected, you can make the mortgage loan payment online every month there.


ACH stands for Automatic Clearing House. It is the situation where the mortgage loan automatically deducts the amount of money saved in your bank account to be used as the mortgage payment. The company is working together with several banks to work this payment method out. This is probably the simplest payment method Atlantic Bay has. As long as you have money in the bank account and the amount is sufficient to pay the bill, all you need to do is basically waiting for the notification from the bank informing that the payment is successfully made.

C. By Phone

Making the payment using phone is still popular these days. Customers love to talk to real people when they make the payment. It makes them feel more comfortable and enhance the trust when handing the money. There are two lines you can call to make Atlantic Bay payment via phone. The first one is (757) 213-1660. Call the line to inform the customer service that you are about to make the payment. The second one is (888) 880-4617. Call the line if you have any questions related to the mortgage loan payment, including wrong bills sent to your address.

D. By Mail

Make the payment the easy way by sending the copy of the bill along with the money right to the office of Atlantic Bay. As old fashioned as it sounds, this payment method is still done by people nowadays. The customers of the mortgage loan company often send their payment to 600 Lynnhaven Pkwy, Ste. 203, Virginia Beach, VA 23452. That is the full address of the company that will receive your payment mails.

When you know exactly how much to pay for the month in order to pay the loan and you know the best method to make the payment, you do not have to encounter any difficulties with the loan. As long as the Atlantic Bay Mortgage payment is made regularly, it will get paid off soon.