Atlantic Bay Mortgage Reviews about Company’s Strength and Limitations

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Each mortgage company has its own strength and weakness. These Atlantic Bay Mortgage reviews are discussing the highlighted features of this mortgage lender.

Atlantic Bay is a mortgage lender that has been operating its business for a little over two decades. There must be reasons for it to stay afloat within the competitive mortgage market. Atlantic Bay Mortgage reviews might be able to show you why. It has its own strength and weakness.

Atlantic Bay Mortgage Reviews about Company's Strength and Limitations

The Strength of Atlantic Bay Mortgage

People have solid reasons for choosing to work with a certain mortgage company. The following Atlantic Bay review is going to explain some positive aspects of the mortgage service it offers.

1. Variety of Mortgage Loan Programs

This mortgage banking company is well-known for the variety of loan programs it offers to homeowners across the country. It caters the need of loan to purchase homes or refinance ones. The amount of loan that Atlantic Bay can originate varies up to $2,500,000. There are many kinds of mortgage programs that the lender can offer. It has options for conventional loans and government insured loans. Jumbo loan program is also offered by the lender.

The government insured loans that Atlantic Bay offers include FHA, VA, and USDA loans. If you are in need of fund to build a new home or to renovate one, you can also apply for home loan to this lender. Those who are in need of quick cash can also taper their properties’ equities by applying for reverse mortgage program.

2. Online Application Feature

Atlantic Bay Mortgage reviews are highlighting the online application feature that the mortgage banking company offers. There are many benefits for the option of online application. First, you will be able to do the application at any time in the day. Then, there is no need to make a visit to Atlantic Bay’s office in order to fill in the form. Everything can be done using your own gadget as long as it is connected to the internet. Here are the steps to start online application for the mortgage bank’s loan programs.

  • Go to the company’s website at
  • Click on a link called “Get Pre-Qualified Today”
  • Fill in your basic information as required by the page.
  • Click “Send Your Message”
  • You will be contacted by the company’s representative in order to complete the application process based on result in pre-qualification round

3. Wide Range of Customer Outreach

Another great thing about this company is its customer outreach. This lender is able to service mortgage loans in 31 different states across United States of America. Those who live in Nevada, Alabama, Connecticut, Delaware, and other nearby states are able to get mortgage loans from Atlantic Bay. It is licensed to work in those 31 states so you can be rest assured that your loan is legal.

Being able to serve customers within many states broaden the customer outreach. It allows mortgagors who live in places where option for mortgage banking companies is limited to have better chance of getting good mortgage deal. Nonetheless, some Atlantic Bay Mortgage reviews have stated that there is a limitation in regard to this strength point.

4. Local and Experienced Mortgage Bankers

This company promises to provide assistance from local mortgage bankers who are experienced in this field. Seasoned mortgage banker will be able to give concise step-by-step guide for mortgage application process to closing. Having mortgage banker who is a native to the area is helpful too. The banker can provide an insight about the community as well as being well-versed about local and regional house regulations. Here are ways to find the list of mortgage bankers that work within this company.

  • Go to the company’s official website at
  • Click on “Find a Mortgage Banker” at the top of webpage.
  • Look for banker based on name, city, and state.
  • Click “Apply now” below the name of your prospective banker.

Limitation of Atlantic Bay Mortgage Based on Reviews

Of course, there are some less favorable Atlantic Bay Mortgage Group reviews on the internet. Some of them are commenting about the less than stellar service provided by this mortgage lending company.

Many Atlantic Bay Mortgage reviews are complaining about the number and locations of office branches. Although the company services mortgage loans in 31 states, there are only 80 offices spread throughout those states. Some of the states do not even have representative office. This provides issue for people who would like to visit the office to meet with mortgage banker in person.

Other reviews also mention issues in trying to contact the customer support. Although the company provides various ways to establish contact, some customers did not receive supports in timely manner. Understandably, the company should receive hundreds (or perhaps thousands) of calls and emails everyday so taking care of them will take a long time.

Prior to getting a mortgage service, you should know the mortgage company from inside and out. Such knowledge enables you to navigate through future process and issues during your mortgage term. Hopefully the Atlantic Bay Mortgage reviews discussed are able to help you making decision about getting loan from this company.