Benchmark Mortgage Lubbock Branch and Location

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You have issues regarding mortgage and need quick solution. Find nearby Benchmark Mortgage Lubbock to overcome your situation.

Mortgage providers use their local branches to extend business capability. Several companies are prominent names in this industry and one of them is Benchmark Mortgage. If you live in Texas and near Lubbock, there is Benchmark Mortgage Lubbock branch. You may visit and apply mortgage directly in this office.

Benchmark Mortgage Lubbock Branch and Location

Local Benchmark Mortgage branch in Lubbock

Nowadays, finding branches is not difficult task. Internet will handle almost everything as long as connection is available and stable. That’s also what happens when you need to know where the nearest branch in Lubbock.

1. Headquarter and local branches

You understand that headquarter is main office where all business and top management become responsible to entire business activity. On the other hand, branches only focus to serve core business. In term of mortgage, Benchmark Mortgage provides several local branches alongside loan officers.

2. Benchmark Mortgage Lubbock

Where is Benchmark Mortgage Lubbock? Location is 12419 Quaker Avenue, Lubbock, TX 79423. For phone number, call at (806) 300-8805 at business hours. You may visit for website dedicated specifically for this branch.

3. Loan officers

In Benchmark Mortgage Lubbock branch, customer or client will meet branch manager and loan officer. Both people have responsible to manage all business activities in Lubbock. Loan officer is first person you should meet before applying mortgage. He or she has experience and capability to provide guidance. For your information, mortgage is complex process and loan officer helps everything until all steps are done. To meet and discuss with loan officer, call Lubbock branch phone number and make appointment.

Further Services and Support

Knowing Benchmark Mortgage Lubbock address is first step before applying mortgage. However, it is strongly recommended for customers to educate themselves in this field. They have to know the way mortgage works and how to manage properly. Loan officer is additional help to complete all process.

Local branch is useful when unexpected or unwanted situation happens. For example, you cannot enter loan account and make online payment. Calling customer service is first step to do and Benchmark Mortgage will direct problem to local branch. Some problems are better and more efficient to manage by branch area, not headquarter.

If you cannot pay mortgage via online, phone or bank check is good option. Where do you send that money? Answer is payment department and local branch will help in this matter. You have doubt whether they will receive payment or not. To ensure payment process, visit or call local branch then state your intention to send money via check. After that, client will receive notification regarding all process and record that payment is done. This kind of service comes in handy via local branch due to officers know their local situation and environment.

From what have been explained, Benchmark Mortgage Lubbock has useful functions. It acts as same business entity as main office, but smaller market area. For people live in Lubbock, having this branch is very helpful. Company knows what to do to serve their clients well.