Benchmark Mortgage Napa – Local But High Class Service

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Benchmark Mortgage Napa is a great company to service your loan in Napa. Even if the company is localized, the service quality is very high and spot on.

If you are living in Napa or planning to purchase a house in this lovely town, you should try to look for a local mortgage company first. One of the most renowned one is definitely Benchmark Mortgage Napa. This community based mortgage company aims to help Napa people with mortgage needs.

Benchmark Mortgage Napa - Local But High Class Service

Overview of Benchmark Mortgage of Napa Valley

Napa is known for its thriving wine-related tourism and industry. It is a serene place surrounded by many gorgeous neighboring towns. No wonder many people are interested in relocating to this area.

Benchmark Mortgage in Napa Valley is a Napa-based company that has been around four years and participated actively in the development of this area, particularly in housing sector. The main office is located 4123 Solano Avenue. This company offers variety of benefits for people who are interested in working their mortgage loans with it. Let’s learn about this more.

1. Local Loan Experts

The leading feature of this company’s mortgage service is the fact that its office is made up of local mortgage loan experts. These experts are not only well-versed in the matter of housing regulations in Napa County or California in general. They are also capable of giving you the insights about surrounding neighborhoods and customs. This is especially important if you are not a native to the town.

2. Community Based Service

Another great feature that this company offers is its customer based service. Benchmark Mortgage Napa aims to continuously support the town’s community. It is involved in various community activities. But it is the main highlight. This company has very large connections within the community. You will be able to get the latest housing and business information from this company.

3. Lifetime Loan Care

The highlight of this company’s feature is definitely its lifetime loan care. Many mortgage institutions are providing services which are limited to the time when you are applying for the service and up to when the mortgage loan has been concluded. Instead, this company will still assist you after your loan had been concluded in case any issues are raised.

4. Plenty Free Resources

If you are heading to the company’s website, you will see a sub menu called “Free Resources”. This sub menu contains information about mortgage that new mortgagor must be aware of. That includes the types of mortgage loans, terms that are related to this loan, as well as components of payment. In addition to that, the sub menu is armed with online calculator as well.

How to Apply for Mortgage Loan at This Company?

If you are interested in being serviced by Benchmark Napa, then you need to know how to apply for mortgage loan at this company. Here are the steps to do that.

  • Go to the company’s website at
  • Choose “Apply Now”.
  • Select the loan officer whom you are wishing to work with.
  • Fill in the form completely in order to get the most accurate invoice.
  • Submit the application.

Since the process is done online, you have the freedom of doing it anywhere and anytime you like. The company will contact you not long after you send the application. The wait time for response from Benchmark Mortgage Napa usually will not take long. It is the perk of working with local company.