Benchmark Mortgage Plano Texas Full Information

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Benchmark Mortgage Plano is literally the headquarter of the mortgage corporate. Here is full information about headquarter and other branches in Plano, Texas.

Benchmark Mortgage Plano is the headquarter location of the mortgage company. Indeed, the Benchmark Mortgage is based in Texas and has its particular headquarter building in Plano. The area is chosen as the location of headquarter because it is well-populated and there are a lot of great sources there. Find more about it down below.

Benchmark Mortgage Plano Texas Full Information

The Corporate Headquarter of Benchmark Mortgage Plano

When it comes to Benchmark Mortgage Plano, Texas, what comes to mind is indeed headquarter? Even though there is one more branch in the area, the headquarter remains the most popular. Down below is the further information.

1. Where to Find Them?

To find headquarter of the corporate; you can come to 5160 Tennyson Pkwy #1000, Plano, Texas 75024. That is where the main office building of the company is situated. The phone number to that office is at +1 972-398-7676. You can call them during office hours (8.30 AM to 4.30 PM) from Monday to Friday.

2. What’s in the Headquarter?

There are a lot of things happening in the Benchmark Mortgage Plano headquarter. They are including the location of the data center as well as the main office for the board of the company. However, headquarter still has a commercial building where customers can go in and doing loan-related business.

Other Benchmark Mortgage Plano Branches

Besides of headquarter in Tennyson Parkway, there is this branch of Benchmark in Summit Avenue, Plano. It is smaller but surely giving the same, if not better, service. The full information is down below.

1. Summit Avenue Branch

The location of the Benchmark Mortgage Plano branch beside headquarter is in 1107 Summit Ave # 3, Plano, Texas 75074. The office building is relatively smaller compared to headquarter. However, you can do almost everything related to home loan there. If you want to make a visit, it is better for you to call 1 972-941-3716 first to make an appointment. A loan officer or customer service will be ready at your time of appointment.

2. Services in the Branch

Even though the Summit Avenue branch is smaller compared to headquarter, there are a lot of things that you can do there. The office provides a lot of services, including direct payment and loan approval. When you do not want to pay the loan bill using online method, you can simply walk in to the Summit Avenue branch of Benchmark and make the payment there to the teller.

Also, you can speak to a loan officer over there to discuss a new loan, establishing a loan, or discussing your current loan. They will be more than happy to discuss those things with you and help you get the best loan deal from the company.

Now that you know all about the branches of Benchmark in Plano, Texas, you can go visit them if you live in the area. If you don’t, there are still numerous branches of the company beyond Benchmark Mortgage Plano, including in other areas of Texas and even in other states.