Benchmark Mortgage Reviews for the Important Service Points

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It is not a wonder if you decide on Benchmark to service your mortgage with its prolonged experiences. These Benchmark Mortgage reviews will be able to help.

Benchmark Mortgage is a renowned company within the mortgage industry. This Texas-based mortgage lender has been working in this industry since 1999. In order to provide the best service, it gathers a community of mortgage experts around the US. Let’s get to know this lender more by reading Benchmark Mortgage reviews.

Benchmark Mortgage Reviews for the Important Service Points

Reviews on Benchmark Mortgage Services

Are you interested taking on mortgage loan from Benchmark? To have better preparation for that, you will need to conduct research on Benchmark Mortgage service reviews by past and current customers. Here are several review categories for the mortgage lender’s service.

1. Loan Programs

It is not rare to find mortgage lenders that offer various different programs starting from the conventional ones to the government insured loans. You will hardly find a lender that is able to customize their loan programs up to more than 250 different options for its customers. The types of mortgage programs that this company offers include traditional loans (for applicant with good credit history), government supported loans, jumbo loans, and other customized loans in between those options.

Based on Benchmark Mortgage reviews, customers are highly satisfied with the wide range of program offerings. As you have realized, everybody has different financial capability. Because of that, the mortgage program needs to cater their basic requirements (if not all) properly. That way, everybody will be able to get through the arduous mortgage term and happily have full ownership of their home at the end.

2. Customer Service

Customers have also reported pleasant experience in interacting with support team of this company. They stated that the company offers several different channels for customers to establish communication. The communication modes include e-mail, phone, airmail, and direct message via its website. Customers also reported that the company is in fact very responsive when it comes to customer’s needs. Of course, there are two or three customers who feel dissatisfied every now and then. However, the percentage is not that high if compared to many other mortgage companies.

3. Application Processing

Nobody can deny that the process of applying for a mortgage loan is nerve wracking. This case particularly affects first time home buyers. As people who are not familiar with the mortgage system, they do not have sufficient information about this matter. It makes them susceptible to frauds which unfortunately often occur. Every mortgagor should research the market first to find trusted company like Benchmark Mortgage that offers streamlined application processing.

The application process can be completed within 30 minutes online, while its overall processing can be as quick as 15 days depending on certain situations. You have the option to establish contact with an experienced loan officer nearby your area or choosing not to do that. Here are the steps to complete the online application.

  • Visit the mortgage lender’s website at
  • Click on a button named “Apply now” at top right corner.
  • Scroll down to find drop down button called “Apply”.
  • Fill in all the information required including basic applicant’s data, income, and declarations.
  • Click “Next”.
  • Your application will be processed by the company.

4. Website Interface

Many Benchmark Mortgage reviews reported customers’ satisfaction about the interface of company’s website. People have stated that website has presentation that easy in the eyes with its predominantly blue and grey colors. In addition to that every button on the webpage has pop-up information that explains what the button is used for. The webpage is not filled with meaningless words that contain little to no information. Instead, users found that everything written on the website pages to be highly informative. It helps them getting the better hang of navigating through the website and overall mortgage-related procedures.

5. Vast Outreach

Most of Benchmark Mortgage company reviews also compliment the vast outreach of this company. Benchmark is licensed to provide mortgage loan in United States except for Nevada, Minnesota, and Hawaii. This allows people from many different states across the country to access this lender’s stellar service. It tries to establish offices where the company is licensed to work at although several small states are not covered yet.

Contact Information of Benchmark Mortgage

You might still be curious to learn more about this lender after reading those Benchmark Mortgage reviews. Customers are able to contact the company with various methods. Let’s learn some of them.

Customer is able to leave direct message to the company by accessing their website. As you will be required to write your email address, the reply will be sent to that address. It is also possible to contact the specific branch nearest to your area to be connected to an experienced officer by searching for the information at To get loan servicing, you can call (888) 600-2362 instead.

Every company has its own plus and minus as proven by Benchmark Mortgage reviews. If you are interested in getting mortgage loan from this company solely for the benefit it offers, you should not let the less desirable points deter you. Instead, use that information to come prepared in tackling the loan.