Churchill Mortgage Careers, Job Posts and Reviews

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If you are considering a career path in mortgage industry, these Churchill Mortgage careers might interest you. People tend to have positive thoughts about them.

Churchill is one of the most well-known mortgage companies within United States. It offers variety of mortgage programs for the consumers across the country. If you are interested to be a part of the team, you are lucky since this article will discuss Churchill Mortgage careers. Let’s take a peek!

Churchill Mortgage Careers, Job Posts and Reviews

Career Options at Churchill Mortgage

As a mortgage company with wide range of coverage, it is understandable if this lender will require big number of personnel. Here is the list of Churchill Mortgage career options.

1. Loan Processor

Since the mortgage company constantly receives mortgage loan applications from people around the country, it employs many loan processors to get the task done. The main job of a loan processor is reviewing every single application that goes into the company. The processor’s job is making sure that the application is valid enough to be forwarded to loan underwriter. Applications that are forwarded to the next step must meet company’s regulations. Here are the main tasks for Churchill Mortgage careers as loan processor:

  • Obtaining additional information needed and making clarification.
  • Making sure that information within the application is complete and true.
  • Providing continual report about the application process toward company and borrower.
  • Reviewing addition information to prepare the application for closing.

2. Loan Processing Assistant

In order to conduct their demanding tasks, loan processing officer will need a great help. This task falls into loan processing assistant. Basically the assistant will provide any help required by processing officer to conduct their job successfully. They will do the legwork and administrative task on behalf of loan processor. It is considered an entry level job within the company. Here are the tasks of loan processing assistant within the company.

  • Doing initial review on application to ensure that the document requirement is fulfilled.
  • Updating the exclusionary list of lender by doing constant monitoring.
  • Forwarding important emails to loan processor and home loan specialist.

3. Home Loan Specialist

Another example within the list of Churchill Mortgage careers is home loan specialist. This job post holds a significant role within the company because the specialist has the right to approve or reject a loan application. The loan specialist works together with loan processor and underwriting. In order to work as home loan specialist, you need to have state license. Here are the tasks of a home loan specialist.

  • Analyzing information provided by the applicant on the application.
  • Verifying the information provided by mortgage loan applicant, such as applicant’s background and credit history.
  • Evaluating the loan application to decide whether it should be granted an approval.

4. Underwriting Officer

Underwriting officer has a hard task of providing insight for home loan specialist about the worthiness of a loan application. The officer makes evaluation particularly on the financial aspect of the application. Because of that, this position requires state license and at least bachelor degree in finance. This task is particularly tricky since Churchill Mortgage does not necessarily use standard guidelines from Fannie Mae. Here are the tasks of underwriting officer prior to decide the worthiness of a loan application.

  • Reviewing loan to value ratio.
  • Reviewing applicant’s credit score although it is not the main decision making point.
  • Analyzing the type of property and its unit as well as how homeowner will utilize it (main or secondary resident).
  • Reviewing debt to income ratio of applicant.
  • Reviewing other financial reserves owned by applicant.

5. Home Loan Advisor

Home loan advisor is another path within Churchill Mortgage careers that may interest you. The job of loan advisor actually adheres to the company’s objective to provide full homeownership for as many people as possible. The advisor helps mortgagors who are unable to fulfill their mortgage obligation (paying monthly bills) due to financial difficulties. Advisor will try to avoid foreclosure if they can manage it. Here are the tasks of home loan advisor at this company.

  • Reviewing requests for mortgage assistance.
  • Verifying the information provided by mortgagor who request for mortgage assistance to ensure data validity.
  • Negotiating the right program to help mortgagor maintaining their property while getting through the financial bump.

How is the Working Environment at Churchill Mortgage?

If you are tempted to try a Churchill Mortgage’s career path, you should review the working condition in the company first. Most people who have worked there regarded the company with positive reviews.

Former and current employees reported that the company provides enough space for them to develop as mortgage professionals. There are plenty opportunities to build great teamwork and network. The positive atmosphere within the workplace also motivates the employees to work harder. Employees also report great family and work balance because it is relatively easy to obtain time-off permit from work.

Are you interested in starting a career as mortgage professional? You can select the diverse range of Churchill Mortgage careers as a starting point. This company has a great value of helping people getting full ownership of their own home. In addition to that, it also has positive and happy workplace.