CMG Mortgage Phone Number and Other Contact Information

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When you work with a mortgage company, knowing the contact list is important. Let’s take a look at the CMG Mortgage phone number list below.

CMG Mortgage is a private mortgage banking company that stands out in current market. This mortgage-specific division of CMG Financial provides variety of services for different market segments within the mortgage industry. Knowing which CMG Mortgage phone number to call for assistance is quite important to get your need across quickly.

CMG Mortgage Phone Number and Other Contact Information

Overview of CMG Mortgage Company

It is possible that you have never heard about this company. As a privately held business by one individual, its scope is not as wide as other large institutions.

The mortgage company was established back in 1993. Its headquarter office is located in San Ramon, California. This main office is where most of administrative works are done. The headquarter office handles major business decision as well as relation with partners. If you do not live close to San Ramon, you can still contact the headquarter office through its designated CMG Mortgage phone number.

Mortgage consumers who do not live in California should not worry since the company establishes many branches and office desks that cover the United States from west to east. You will be able to meet and consult with local mortgage loan officers in the closest branch to your area. The CMG Mortgage’s contact number for each branch can be found at You can call the numbers during work hours.

CMG Mortgage Main Phone Numbers

Since this company has a quite big consumer base, high volume of phone calls are constantly made to the company throughout the day. Here are some of the most important phone numbers.

1. Customer Experience Service

This particular CMG Mortgage phone number is designated for retail customers of the company. New customers can contact this number to get information about the loan programs offered by this company. Of course, you can attempt an independent navigation on the company’s website. First, you can browse for local loan officers at You can also send a quote so an officer will contact you.

Here are the steps to send quote to the company.

  • Customer who wants to obtain purchasing loan can access, while if you want to get refinancing loan you can access
  • Fill in contact information; such as name, phone or mobile number, and email address.
  • Rate your credit score based on the standard guideline.
  • Provide information of the property’s location (city and state).
  • Fill in additional information that is related to your mortgage application.
  • Click “Submit”.

Meanwhile the customer who is already registered as mortgagor in this banking company can contact this number to relay their day-to-day issues related to their mortgage account. It can be error in the online loan administration system and inability to transfer the monthly bill to mortgage account due to system error.

The CMG’s service phone number to be contact is (866) 659-8989. This number is available from Monday to Friday at 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. PST. Unfortunately the service is not available during the weekend (Saturday and Sunday). As an alternative, you can send email instead. Future consumers can send email to and current mortgagor’s designated address is

2. All-in-loan Related Service

All-in-loan program is the most notorious program that this mortgage banking company offers, for both purchasing and refinancing. It is a home equity line of credit that combines banking system with mortgage account. In the process of paying off their mortgage, customer is able to access their home equity (once it has reached a certain amount).

This program promises to help customer saving money to pay for interest. It is also capable of shortening the mortgage term length. If you have more questions about this program you can contact the customer service number that has been mentioned in the previous part. Alternatively, you can send email to The company also provides an interactive loan simulator specifically for this program that can be accessed at

3. Wholesale Lending

Wholesale lending is a mortgage section that this company handles. This subdivision works together with mortgage brokers all over the country to service mortgage loans. To work together with the company, partner should contact a CMG Mortgage phone number that will connect them to CMG’s Senior Vice President. Broker will be introduced to variety of loan product options, starting from the government insured ones to the company’s special program. The number to contact is (619) 554-1915.

4. Correspondent Lending

The mortgage company also dabbles in correspondent lending business. If you want to invest your fund in mortgage business, this company is a nice option. In order to become a partner, you need to contact the company’s national sale manager. There is a sale manager who is in charge of a specific region within the country. You can get the full list at

The list of phone number and other contact information that is elaborated in the article should be useful to consumers and partners. If you encounter issues throughout the course of working together with this company, you should contact a CMG Mortgage phone number. Receiving assistance as quickly as possible will make everybody’s life easier.