CMG Mortgage Reviews Given By Previous Customers

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CMG Mortgage reviews are often left by the previous customers of the company. What are they mostly talking about? Here is the answer.

There are a lot of previous customers leaving CMG Mortgage reviews. The reviews are written mostly on the internet for many people to read. Thankfully, most of them are in positive tones and praising the company. Find out more about the reviews received by CMG Mortgage on the information down below.

CMG Mortgage Reviews Given By Previous Customers

Positive Aspects Praised on CMG Mortgage Reviews

Reviews must contain something positive and negative, too. When it comes to CMG Mortgage reviews, here are some of the positive aspects that are often praised by the previous customers of the mortgage company.

1. The Variety of Loan

There are a lot of types of loan available at CMG. You can choose which one you need the most. Conventional loans, such as the fixed-rate mortgage and ARM (Adjustable Rate Mortgage) are available. The government-backed loans, such as FHA and VA are also there to choose. People love the wide array of loans available at the company for sure.

2. Excellent Customer Service

A lot of CMG Mortgage reviews praising the customer service of CMG Mortgage. Having a loan probably makes you ask a lot of questions about it, including about the monthly payment, the taxes, rates, and paper work of the property.

Numerous customers of CMG Mortgage find it easier to contact customer service and ask them for help. The customer service officers are available to be contacted using telephone line, live chat, and emails, too.

3. Easy Approval

The good reviews of the mortgage company are often related to the fact that the company allows the borrowers to get the loan with ease. The easy approval means that more people can get the loan easier. The credit score is not too high to apply and the conditions to establish the loan is simpler that everyone can try.

4. Lots of Branches

The headquarter of CMG is located in San Ramon, California. However, the company has gone national and it has numerous branches all over the nation. It makes a lot of people have easier chance to locate and contact CMG representation office.

This is where people find it helpful and thus they left positive reviews about it. Additional branches of CMG can be found of these following states: Washington, Colorado, Oregon, Arizona, Ohio, Hawaii, and Missouri.

5. Numerous Payment Methods

The positive CMG Mortgage reviews are mostly about the payment methods, too. The mortgage company offers a lot of methods to make the payment. It is including the payment using phone and mails.

The company also provides more modern methods to do the payment. It is including the direct online payment and automatic deduction payment (ACH) that make it easier for you to clear up the mortgage bill every month.

Negative Aspects Criticized on CMG Mortgage Reviews

CMG Mortgage Company is not perfect. There is no way a company can be perfect the entire way. According to some CMG Mortgage reviews, the company has flaws, too. Here are some of most talked about ones.

A. Mortgage Rate Information

People find it difficult to get the information of the current mortgage rate of the company. Sometimes, people want to be 100% certain about the rate before they decide to get the loan. Unfortunately, the mortgage rate information of CMG is not always publicly announced.

You will have to contact a customer service of CMG to ask for the current mortgage rate information. A lot of people have suggested that the mortgage rate information should be displayed on the official website.

B. Locating a Loan Officer

The negative CMG Mortgage reviews are often complaining about dealing with the loan officer. It is quite understandable, though, when a customer finds it hard to locate or contact a loan officer.

It is because the number of the officers is limited and the number of the customers of CMG is always increasing. The company constantly recruits new loan officer almost all the time but still, the number of the staff is often outnumbered by the customers.

C. Information on Website

The negative thing people find about CMG is including about its official website, too. The website is not considered to be quite helpful. Most people tend to judge the website to be complicated to browse.

However, the website is actually containing a lot of good stuff, including the account login for the CMG customers, live chat with the customer service, and also other features to ease the loan process. If the interface of the website is updated, probably the difficulty found by the customers will be gone.

Those are some of the most important aspects often talked about in the reviews. Some of them are clearly positive and some of them are not so much. Bottom line, CMG Mortgage is still a great company when it comes to mortgage. You can tell on how much great things mentioned by the customers in their CMG Mortgage reviews.