Costco Mortgage Rates and More Things to Know

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Customers can apply mortgage in Costco as a part of expanding business. For such purpose, it is important to understand the Costco mortgage rates properly.

What do you buy in Costco? There are groceries, foods, home appliances, furniture, electronic devices, and tools. This place is where everyone can have almost everything. To expand business, Costco provides mortgage for buying new home, refinance, and other related loans. More about Costco mortgage rates and term will be explained in the next sections.

Costco Mortgage Rates and More Things to Know

Things Related to Costco Mortgage Rates

Costco is wholesale company that sells products, but it’s not bank or financial service. This statement might be the first thing you have in mind. In fact, you can purchase home though mortgage in Costco as similar as you get the other products.

1. First Choice Loan Service

The company has service called First Choice Loan Service. It is dedicated offer for customer to obtain home or related mortgage service through Costco. How does it work? In simple term, Costco only provides the access, and it has agreement with third party services to supply the mortgage. All products or offers do not come from Costco.

As similar to purchase in store, you should prepare mortgage application and enroll to this service. After that, Costco will review and choose top four providers that suitable with your account. They will offer the service based on mortgage you want. After that, you can consider Costco mortgage rates and related things, including the contract.

From explanation above, you understand that Costco is like the intermediary company. It does not produce service, but provide store to let others sell their ones. On the other side, customers choose services based on their preference. Tons of loans are the parts of this program, and you can have more than regular mortgage at all.

2. Mortgage from Costco

Costco mortgage consists of several options, such as conventional, VA, FHA, jumbo, etc. Each has different requirements, but the basic principle is similar. In short definition, the mortgage is loan with real estate which acts as collateral, including the house. Due to big money, this service requires regulation and legal standing.

Moreover, conventional or regular loans are mortgage from company, bank, or any provider. VA loan is specifically for veteran, active military, or the military widow. This kind of loan comes from Veteran Affair agency. Only people who involve or belong to military can apply for this service. FHA is a loan from federal housing for low income and affordable mortgage. If you need more mortgage, jumbo offer will involve the huge money.

3. Rates and term

When discussing about Costco mortgage rates, you need to understand the way the term and rates work. What are mortgage rates? Well, the loan has rate at certain percentage for risk, risk coverage, and provider profit. Money you have today will have different value next year or more. That’s why the rate is necessary to adjust with time value of money on loan. Costco offers competitive and attractive rates that may suit customer’s preference.

Two types of rate are available: fixed and adjustable ones. Each has pros and cons, but still part of Costco mortgage rates. Fixed rate is the same amount of money each month until the term is end. In that case, you can pay the same money regularly. It is good choice for people who do not like having much risk. Certainty and fixed number makes them easy to pay the mortgage.

On contrary, adjustable rates change every year, even monthly. You pay different rate each period that might be higher or lower percentage. If you like uncertainty, this is the top choice because some profits are possible to obtain. Both rates are what Costco offers to customer based on third party services.

The term in Costco mortgage service is how long you will be in debt for mortgage. In this situation, Costco offers several options related to the term of mortgage. In general, the term is usually between 15 and 30 years. In that period, you have obligation to complete all payments until the debt is completely paid off. What does happen if you are in difficult situation? Well, mortgage is long-term contract and support. There are some ways to overcome the situation, and Costco has that service.

The longer term is better with fixed rate. You do not have to worry much each month because you pay the same money. For ARM or adjustable rate, it is mostly for short term up to 20 years or less. However, you can pay adjustable rate after three to five years period. This regulation is for adjusting mortgage system. Moreover, you can also change anytime to suit your preference.

4. Mortgage calculator

How much payment do you spend each month? This question is important thing to answer. In order to support mortgage service, Costco has online mortgage calculator. You can visit and find calculator at left side. Fill the form, such as loan purpose, name, email, phone number, and property value. The system will calculate how much loan you can get. Costco mortgage rates are also part of this system. The rates determine money you can borrow and pay regularly.

Costco Mortgage Rates and Mortgage Program

Why do you need mortgage? People rely on mortgage to support their needs for many reasons. This is also the factor that puts Costco in mortgage business. As the wholesale retailer, tons of customers are something that cannot be ignored.

A. Purchase home

In mortgage calculator, Costco mortgage rates are mostly for purchasing home service. Having home is what everyone wants. Unfortunately, it is tough when you need to pay in cash for single home. In order to overcome such situation, mortgage is preferable option. This is where Costco expands the business to get more customers, including profit.

B. Refinance

Thirty years are too long for mortgage and you may want to consolidate. Besides, your financial situation is different from the time when you apply the mortgage. As solution, refinance will help to consolidate and put into new contract. You might get the lower rates, pay off early, and any consolidate mortgage to fulfill your needs.

Besides those offers, Costco mortgage rates are the reason why you apply this service. You may need a loan and already have house. Just put your house as collateral and apply the mortgage. Costco will give suitable offer from third party services. You just choose the most reliable one and sign the contract. The next thing is you can get cash and have obligation to pay the debt regularly at certain rates.