Everything to Understand about American Pacific Mortgage Corporation

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American Pacific Mortgage Corporation is the perfect company to go when you need a mortgage loan. Here is what to know about the company.

For new borrower, understanding the basic information about American Pacific Mortgage Corporation is important. Getting fresh money to purchase a house is not something easy. There will have to be some process to get the goal. By using the service of this particular company, the loan process won’t be that long and complicated.

Everything to Understand about American Pacific Mortgage Corporation

The Basic Information about American Pacific Mortgage Corporation

Here is the basic information about American Pacific Mortgage Corporation that everyone should know. The company has a lot of positive reviews from customers and borrowers, making them quite famous all across the state.

1. Its History

The American Pacific Mortgage Corporation was established in 1996. The company was found in Roseville, California. At the beginning, the firm was established to help people with bad credit to fund their property. As the years passed, the company has grown into a massive corporation for mortgage. There are more than 2,300 people working for American Pacific and they are all professionals, starting from the loan officers to the top directors. They can all bring great service to any borrowers asking the help to fund a new house.

2. Its Branches

When the company was first established, it had only one office in Roseville, California. However, today, it has been one of the biggest companies in the USA when it comes to mortgage loan. You can find more than 100 branches of the company all across the nation. The branches are scattered in more than 30 states in the USA, starting from Arizona to Idaho. That is why it is so easy to reach the mortgage officer or loan advisor from American Pacific near you. They are literally everywhere and easy to find.

3. Its Headquarter

The American Pacific Mortgage Corporation headquarter is located in the area where it was first established. It is in Roseville, California. This is where the core of the company is located, including the office for the top managers and directors. The office headquarter of the American Pacific can be found in the area so easily. You can also contact them by mail and the address is at 3000 Lava Ridge Court Suite 200, Roseville, CA 95661.

The Mortgage Loan Options of American Pacific Mortgage Corporation

Besides the basic information, of course you also need to understand the loan option available at American Pacific Mortgage Corporation. Some of the best ones you can get from the company are listed down below.

1. Conventional Loans

The American Pacific Mortgage Corporation loans are including the conventional loans for sure. There are two types of the loan of this type. They are the fixed-rate mortgage loan and the ARM mortgage loan. The first type, as you can tell in the name, is the loan with fixed rate which means the amount of the loan won’t change over time. The monthly payment remains the same from day one until the day you fully pay off the loan. The loan is great for those who do not like surprises in loans and monthly bills.

The ARM stands for Adjustable Rate Mortgage. The rate of this kind of mortgage can change over time, depending on many aspects including the value of the house. This loan offers different amount of money to pay every month, which is not great for those who do not like to pay extra fees and different amount of bills per month.

2. Government-Sponsored Loans

Surely enough, American Pacific has the program of providing government-sponsored loan for the borrowers. When they are eligible for the loan, the company will surely make them take the loans from the government. It is because they are mostly cheaper and more dependable. Some of the best loans with government’s involvements behind it are the VA (Veteran Affair) loan and the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) loan. The VA loan is the one for those who have been involved in military, active or inactive. The USDA is the type of loan available for those who want to live in remote and rural area. Both of the loans offer low to no down payment at all.

3. Jumbo Loans

When someone needs huge amount of money to buy a house, they need jumbo loan instead of the regular loan. The jumbo loan from American Pacific allows the borrower to get more than $484,850 amount of loan. The reason why people need that much money for a house is including the location of the house (usually in downtown or exclusive area) and the type of the house itself (mansions and grand houses).

Now that you know everything about the company, you can start considering about using the service right now. Being in the business since 1996 makes the company has lots of experience in giving away mortgage loans. You will get the best one from American Pacific Mortgage Corporation for sure. That’s why you should consider using its service.