Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation Reviews and Information

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Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation is a prominent company of home loan and mortgage. Here is more information about the company for you.

For those who are currently looking for a way to buy a house, surely they need to know about Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation. This company is one of the most famous corporations across the USA when it comes to mortgage loans. They have funded numerous clients and have helped them to buy a home.

Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation Reviews and Information

Basic Information about Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation

To understand more about Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation, let’s begin by figuring out the basic information about the company. Down below is the brief essential information everyone should know about Fairway.

1. Its Brief History

The company was established by Steve Jacobson in 1996. It was a massive hit right from the start. Just in five years, the company has funded over 1,000 people and the amount of money they had given to the borrowers reached a billion Dollars mark. The company keeps going and growing to this day, and by 2016, it has reached the $17 billion funded mark. Today, the company has over 400 branches across the USA, 4,500 employees, and more than 1,000 loan officers nationwide.

2. Its Main Services

There are two main services of Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation. They are: Purchase and Refinance. Basically, a customer of the mortgage company can use its help to purchase a new house, whether it is a first home or next home, and they can also use the service of Fairway to do refinancing. Refinancing is the process of paying off the current loan with a new loan. Fairway can easily offer service in both purchase and refinance, depending on what the clients need.

3. Its Loan Options

The company has almost every type of loan available. For fixed mortgage, they provide 30 Year Fixed Mortgage and 15 Year Fixed Mortgage programs. Of course, they also have Adjustable Rate Mortgage as well. For those who need tons of money to get a really expensive property, Fairway has Jumbo Loans program for that. Other types of loan, such as FHA Loans, VA Loans, 203K Loans, USDA Loans, and HARP Loans are also available. The company also offers loans for other house projects, including renovation loan. It can be used easily to fund a major house renovation.

4. Its Locations

Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation has been around helping people on home loan for over two decades. There is no doubt that the company has grown so successfully that they can keep expanding branches. Currently, the company can be found in each and every single state of the USA. All branches are fully licensed for sure. The main headquarters of Fairway, however, can be found only in two locations: Madison, Wisconsin and Carrollton, Texas.

Positive Reviews about Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation

On the internet, Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation often receives praises and positive reviews. What makes people love the company and frequently recommend it to their friends and families? Some of the reasons are listed below.

1. Wide Variety of Loan Products

There are indeed a very wide variety of loan products offered by Fairway. It is not limited to the usual products, such as the fixed mortgage or the ARM one. The company also offers fund in the form of renovation loan. This particular program is called HomeStyle Renovation Loan and it helps the borrowers who want to renovate their home instead of selling it and get a new one. Besides of that, the mortgage company also has several program of home loan with a very low down payment, hence helping everyone to get their hands on a brand new property with ease.

2. Sophisticated Mobile Application

Mortgage industry is not too close to technology. That is why you won’t see a lot of mortgage companies providing latest technology and breakthrough like people love today. However, Fairway is not something like that at all. It embraces technology and new features every day. Anyone can get full access to the company’s service by downloading their sophisticated mobile app. Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation mobile app contains everything people need, including online application for new loan that can be completed less than 20 minutes.

3. Helpful Website

One of the best things about Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation according to many people is its website. It is believed that a company’s official website should be helpful and user friendly. Thankfully, Fairway’s official website is just like it. It has everything you need to know about the company, including the in-depth explanations about loans, full-list of FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions), and even helpful tools like payment calculator and refinance analysis. It also has a complete mortgage glossary to help people understanding any terms on mortgage.

4. Nearby Branches

As stated before, the mortgage company has over 400 branches all across the USA. It is scattered around in every state of the USA. It means that in order to use the service of the company, the borrower does not have to travel far. The branches must be available in their state and a state can probably have two to three branches of Fairway Company. In other words, there will be nearby branches ready to help you get the loan product anytime you want. That is why customers love it and leave positive comments about it.

5. High-Touch Customer Service

Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation customer service is truly one of their strongest features. A lot of people give positive, five-star reviews on its customer service. Indeed, Fairway has given almost every way possible for the borrowers to contact the customer service, including by phone and emails. They can easily dial 877-699-0353 to contact the call center and talk directly to a customer service officer. They can also mail their inquiry or their complaints to customerservice@fairwaymc.com.

Being a well-known company for home loan and mortgage, Fairway is surely very professional in giving loans to anyone. In order to get qualified for home loan, make sure your credit score is good enough. That way, getting funded by Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation to buy a house is going to be highly possible.