Finding out about Benchmark Mortgage Richmond KY

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Benchmark Mortgage Richmond KY is there to help a lot of people living in that state to get their hand on a home loan. Figure out more about the company’s branch in Kentucky down below.

Benchmark Mortgage Richmond KY is the branch of the mortgage corporate in Kentucky State. It is the only one in the state so if anyone living in Kentucky or nearby states want to visit a Benchmark Mortgage office, they will have to come to this Richmond branch. Here is the further information about the branch.

Finding out about Benchmark Mortgage Richmond KY

The Information about Benchmark Mortgage Richmond KY Location

The most important information that you need to know about Benchmark Mortgage Richmond KY is its location and contact number. Everything related to those will be fully explained down below to make it easier for everyone to find the branch.

1. The Location

The Benchmark Mortgage Richmond KY location is in 138 N Keeneland Dr a, Richmond, Kentucky 40475. The office is located in downtown, surrounded by other commercial buildings. It can be reached easily using cars, cabs, or other public transportation. The office building serves a lot of businesses in there, including a loan application, loan payment, and other stuff. Everything can be done basically in the office building.

2. The Phone Number and Business Hours

If you do not want to come to the office without making an appointment, you can make the appointment by calling +1 859-977-5236. It is the phone number for the Richmond brand of the mortgage company. Also, you need to know its business hours to make sure that you do not visit a closed office. The office opens from Monday to Friday at 9 AM to 5 PM. On Saturday and Sunday, the office is closed.

Why is there Any Benchmark Mortgage Richmond KY?

The Benchmark Mortgage is based in Texas. It is nowhere close to Kentucky. However, the company decides to have a branch in the area as well. Why so? The answer is explained down below.

1. The Importance of Benchmark in Kentucky State

The Benchmark Mortgage Richmond KY services are considered important by the people living in the area. It is because they can get their hands on the home loan easier by going right to the office, speak to a loan officer, and get the application done. That is why the branch is considered essential and will always be there helping people of Kentucky to purchase their dream house.

2. Purchasing a House in Kentucky State

When it comes to home purchasing in Kentucky State, the rate is very high. That is why Benchmark does not want to spoil the opportunity and immediately provide a branch in the area. Government-backed home loan, especially the USDA, is popular in Kentucky. It allows a lot of people to retreat to rural, more remote area (which are available widely in Kentucky) and get a house there.

Besides of Kentucky and Texas, there are also branches in Arkansas, Delaware, California, South and North Carolina, Indiana, Virginia, and other states. This is why finding a branch of Benchmark Mortgage won’t be so hard at all. At this moment, for those who live in Kentucky, the branch to visit is the Benchmark Mortgage Richmond KY.