How to Add Certifications to LinkedIn with Ease

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How to add certifications to LinkedIn can be done with ease. Yes, this is the ultimate guidance to do so.

It is important for everyone to understand how to add certifications to LinkedIn. Certifications are going to prove that the entire accomplishment list you have explained in the LinkedIn profile is legitimate. For those who have never tried to add certifications on the profile, here is the full information about it for you to read.

How to Add Certifications to LinkedIn with Ease

How to Add Certifications to LinkedIn Website

If you use LinkedIn on PC or on its website, the method of how to add certifications to LinkedIn can be done with ease. Here is the step-by-step guidance to do so:

1. Login to LinkedIn

First of all, you need to login to LinkedIn for sure. To add certifications to LinkedIn, you will have to be able to access your profile. When you use PC, type in the web address of LinkedIn on the address bar then press enter. Once the homepage of LinkedIn is on the screen, locate the bars to type in the user name and password. Enter them correctly.

2. Go to Profile

Now, go to profile. The method to do that is to click the “Me” icon. It is located in the navigation bar. To find it, look at the top of the homepage. The “Me” icon is like a mug-shot pose of a person. Once clicked, go to the option “View Profile”. There, you can start to add certifications to LinkedIn.

3. Select “Accomplishment”

After you are on “View Profile” section, now go to the right rail. Find the option “Add Profile Section”. This is the place where you can add certifications to LinkedIn. When “Add Profile Section” is clicked, several other options will appear. Click the “Accomplishment” option. Inside the option, there will be several other options including “Certifications”.

Now select the “Certifications” option and add the “Add” icon. This icon is a small cross, like plus sign, located right under the “Certifications”. Once clicked, there will be several prompted fields that you will see. Complete all of them to properly add certifications to LinkedIn.

4. Click Save

The last thing to do here is to click save. Click it to make sure that all changes and new certifications are saved to the profile of yours.

How to Add Certifications to LinkedIn Android Mobile App

For those who are using LinkedIn mobile app on Android device, this is the tutorial on how to add certifications to LinkedIn. It is quite easy and straightforward. Here is the complete list.

1. Tap Profile Picture

To add certifications to LinkedIn when using its Android mobile app, you can start by opening the app and go to the profile section. Tap on your profile picture to reveal several options related to edit and view the profile.

2. Go to “Accomplishment”

Scroll down on the profile until you find the section of “Accomplishment”. This is the section where you can find everything related to the certification. Adding certifications to LinkedIn can be started by tapping on the “Accomplishment” section.

3. Select “Certifications”

Now, locate the option “Certifications” and then find the “Edit” icon right next to it. The edit icon is a pencil-like icon. Click it to insert LinkedIn certifications. When the pencil is clicked, several options will appear including the “Add” icon. Tap it and then go to “Add Certification” section. Follow the prompted fields.

4. Tap Save

Just like on the website version, once done, tap save to keep all the changed information kept properly on the profile.

Now that you know the method on how to add certifications to LinkedIn, you can make sure that your LinkedIn profile is completed with the certification list so that it will look more professional and appealing for the recruiters. Considering that LinkedIn is a platform to find a job and connection, making the profile as good as possible using the certification is clearly essential.