How to Become a LinkedIn Influencer in Few Steps

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Do you know how to become a LinkedIn influencer? Nobody really knows what the exact parameters, but you can still attempt to become one.

Is it important to learn how to become a LinkedIn influencer? What does it mean to act as an influencer in this platform? Influencer in this social media site provides significant contribution toward the professional world. Other users will be following influencers to get the latest insights in their topic interests.

How to Become a LinkedIn Influencer in Few Steps

Becoming Public Influencer on LinkedIn

It is not an easy task to be an influencer on LinkedIn. The platform will mail invitations for the most avid users in its list to ask people to become ones.

Compared to the number of users in this platform, the pool for influencer is pretty small. User cannot apply to become a LinkedIn influencer; however, they can still attempt to be one. The list below will explain how you can improve your chances.

1. Optimizing LinkedIn Profile

The most important thing to do if you want to become a LinkedIn influencer is making sure that you are optimizing your profile. This means making your profile as engaging as possible for anyone who visits it. How can you make your profile becoming more engaging? Let’s take a look at these tips.

  • Using professional profile picture and your actual name.
  • Making sure that your email address is verified.
  • Filling in all the information on your profile, including the additional one such as interests.
  • Getting endorsements of skills and recommendations from other users in return to giving them too.

2. Developing Big and Engaged Network

When you learn how to become a LinkedIn influencer, you cannot leave out the fact that you have to build a big network. It means that you have to be linked with as many people as possible. You can start with your real life friends by sending them invitations to the platform if they do not have accounts already. You can also start meeting people during conferences or other work related events.

However, to become a LinkedIn influencer, big network is not enough. You also need to make sure that your network is highly engaged. It can be done by interacting with other users within your connections through comment sections in your posts or by congratulating them when they are entering new milestones in their respective careers.

3. Posting Useful and Impactful Contents

Another important note to be LinkedIn influencer is by creating contents that are not only useful for other users. They have to be impactful as well. This will make users being engaged in your contents and will create fruitful discussions in the comment sections. Here are some tips to get you going with the writing.

  • You should come up with topics that are within your expertise in order to become a LinkedIn influencer that people are looking up to.
  • Using anecdotal technique to tell your ideas to the audience.
  • Creating high quality video contents every once in a while.
  • Planning what you are going to be posting in certain days.

4. Promoting Your User’s Contents

How to become a LinkedIn influencer once you have created high quality contents and do all previous steps? You need to promote your profile and contents massively. You can definitely do this through various social media platforms other than LinkedIn. The more people accessing your contents, you will be getting higher visibility.

Of course, to become a LinkedIn influencer you have to start small. This means promoting your contents within your inner circle and using your friends’ connection to expand your network and engagement later. This can be done slowly and steadily, so you do not need to worry.

As you can see, achieving the title of influencer in this social media platform is not easy at all. Only a small portion of users will be awarded with this title for their contributions. You have to improve profile’s visibility and quality if you want to know how to become a LinkedIn influencer.