How to Close LinkedIn Account and Its Guidelines

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If you wish to know how to close LinkedIn account of yours, you can use this tutorial below. It will stop the site from having access to your data and information.

So you have decided to learn how to close LinkedIn account because you want delete your profile, thus remove all the information access from LinkedIn. LinkedIn is no doubt one of the social media in terms of privacy control and users policy. But that doesn’t stop them to have and harvest all of your data.

You also need to remember that to close LinkedIn account, does not necessarily mean to wipe clean all your information because it will be backed up and retained on the site.

How to Close LinkedIn Account and Its Guidelines

Closing LinkedIn Account Tutorial

Aside from protecting their data and information, users may choose to close LinkedIn account because the account is no longer relevant. For example, they might want to do complete change with their life or reset their career.

In general, LinkedIn will not hold on the users and let them deactivate their account freely. Use guides below if you want to know how to close LinkedIn account of yours through easy way and in a matter of minutes.

  • The first step on how to close LinkedIn account is to open your LinkedIn homepage after you have logged in.
  • At the top of the page, there is a Me menu written beside the icon. Click on it.
  • The dropdown menu will appear. Select Settings and Privacy.
  • Select the Account tab, choose Account Management.
  • Click on Change button beside the Closing Your LinkedIn Account.
  • The page will provide you question and reason of why you want to close LinkedIn account. Check on whatever reason you want, or type in the reason in the feedback field. And then click Next.
  • Linked in will provide you a Closing Account Verification to confirm the deletion of your account.
  • This is the last step of how to close LinkedIn account permanently. You have to enter your account’s password. Also, check the Unsubscribe from email button under the password field if you want so. Then click Close.

Before choose to close LinkedIn account, there are some things you need to consider and take note for. Those will be explained shortly next.

What You Need to Know Before Closing Your LinkedIn Account

Because currently there is no way to know how to close LinkedIn account temporarily, the deletion must be based with careful considerations. Please note things below before you delete your account.

First, if you are having a premium account, you will need to cancel the membership before closing your account. Check your credit card’s bill too, to make sure the membership fees payment has stopped. Meanwhile, if you are listed as the administrator of the manager of the LinkedIn group, you have to close that group first. Your LinkedIn account and profile will no longer be accessible and visible to you and everyone.

Next, in a temporary period after the deletion, your account may still be showing in search engines. Generally, it will stop being visible after 24 hours. It is possible to copy and download all of the collected data in LinkedIn by contacting the administrator before you close LinkedIn account. It is also possible to reopen your account about 20 days after the deletion. There are some things that cannot be recovered, but the account can be restored within that period of time. 30 days after the deletion, the closed account’s data will be removed. The reactivation will no longer be allowed, and the account is genuinely deleted from the internet.

The step of removing the account on mobile app is pretty similar with how to close LinkedIn account on desktop. If you have lost your password and want to delete your account, try contacting the site’s admin before doing so to get a password reset.