How to Create a Profile on LinkedIn Properly and Effectively

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There is simple ways to know about how to create a profile on LinkedIn. As long as you are familiar with how social media works, the rest is easy to follow.

You may be familiar with LinkedIn, but still have issue about how to create a profile on LinkedIn. The answer will be explained in the following section. Creating profile is not difficult task. In fact, LinkedIn is similar to other social media platforms. You just register then follow all instructions until the profile is done.

How to Create a Profile on LinkedIn Properly and Effectively

How to Create a Profile on LinkedIn

How to create a profile on LinkedIn effectively? You need email and phone number as preliminary requirements. Besides, you should choose between the app or website version. Actually, both offer the same features to adjust with user device. You can follow below instructions for more steps.

  • Install LinkedIn app or visit the official website.
  • Register with email, add password, and verify the account.
  • Choose account type and upload photos.
  • Add education, personal information, and additional data.
  • Check again and save your profile.

From what have been listed above, everyone can create a profile on LinkedIn. This platform is free with fast growth users each year. Most users are free account, but few of them are premium ones. You will obtain more features, accessibility, and support when becoming the premium member.

At first glance, LinkedIn seems to be regular social media as similar to others. You can create a profile on LinkedIn then share with others. Then, just invite more friends, colleague, family, or employees if you want to stay exist in the LinkedIn network. As you know, users with many connections have high probability to obtain better chance. Some recruitment agencies consider this factor after assessing the capability and skill.

There are several reasons of why you need profile on LinkedIn. You might be the fresh graduate and enter the first job. After one or two years, you already have experiences and ready for the next level. Sometimes, your company keeps you in recent position without further promotion. In that case, LinkedIn helps to promote your capability and experience in order to attract more opportunities. Several companies rely on LinkedIn when they need new employees. Instead of starting from the scratch for fresh college graduate, you have a change for their offer because you are better in term of experience. This is one of reasons why employees should create a profile on LinkedIn.

If LinkedIn profile is only for social media, you do not bother to know how to create a profile on LinkedIn. Other apps and platforms are far better in term of handling social media features. You can share profile, connect to friends, post photos, share videos and audios, and other things you expect social media does. On the other hand, LinkedIn focuses to be business and professional platform. You only share professional and working experience. There is no time for small chat unless it is necessary for further recruitment or assessing data. With specific purpose, linked grows extensive and popular in professional world.

Managing the LinkedIn Profile

After you create a profile on LinkedIn, you need to maintain and manage it properly. As it mentioned above, impressive resume will boost more opportunity. You can edit and update the information regularly. Below steps will help to implement such thing.

  • Access the LinkedIn account.
  • Edit contents you want to change or remove.
  • Check twice and publish it.

In LinkedIn, you can find features to put all jobs in one employer without interchangeable each other. After having promotion, you need to update immediately. This feature is done automatically and your profile will adjust to recent information. Your friends will know that new data and some parties might put interest to contact you. Therefore, to manage and create a profile on LinkedIn is side by side each other.

Creating account and apply the methods on how to create a profile on LinkedIn is not difficult task, but managing is another story. Sometimes, employees forget to update theirs and losing opportunity for better job. Besides, the company uses information from LinkedIn to keep on track to what employees do.