How to Download Resume in LinkedIn and Other Things to Do with Profile

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In some occasions, it is necessary to know how to download resume in LinkedIn. Fortunately, LinkedIn gives all the easy accesses.

There are many online platforms for various kinds of functions. Some online platforms are social media and these are for communication or sharing information. There are also some platforms dedicated for business and LinkedIn is one of these platforms. LinkedIn gives easy access for the jobseeker and also those who have business and want to find potential recruitment. There are many kinds of useful features to find in this platform. Even, it is possible to download resume or profile. Of course, it is good to know about how to download resume in LinkedIn. This surely becomes important information.

How to Download Resume in LinkedIn and Other Things to Do with Profile

Saving and Downloading Resume in LinkedIn

It is true that there is feature enabling users or accounts to download resume in LinkedIn. Of course, you can only be able to download the resume when you have uploaded resume in your account. Both uploading and downloading can be done easily.

When it talks about how to download resume in LinkedIn, you only need to follow these steps. These are easy to follow and you will not find difficulties. Even, the process is much easier than the uploading process of your resume.

1. Login

Of course, first step to download resume in LinkedIn is to login into your account. You cannot make any changes or modification into the profile unless you are not the account owner. Login is easy to do and you only need to go to your profile.

2. Locate the resume and download

After that, the next thing to do is to find the resume. It is able to find in your profile. When you want to download it, you can click the resume and you will get two options. First, you can have option to save and download the resume. Then, the second option is only to check and see the resume.

After downloading the resume from LinkedIn, you can locate the file in your PC. Some browsers will give you access to choose where you want to save the download. In case you are using smartphone, it will be easier to find the file since there will be notification.

People download the resume from the LinkedIn for various functions. Sometimes, they need to have fast access of resume files for applying for jobs. When it is hard to find the files, resume in this platform can be downloaded and submitted. Sometimes, there are also people who download to make some updates or modification on the resume since there is new information to add.

Saving Profile in LinkedIn

When it talks about downloading file, it is not only to download resume in LinkedIn. In fact, users can also download and save the profile. The profile will be in PDF format, and this can be done in case you find some interesting profile and you need to save the information.

The steps are easy to do. Of course, this is different from how to download resume in LinkedIn. In this process, you will need to follow these steps.

1. Find the profile

You need to find the profile that you want to save. Since it is not to download resume in LinkedIn, you only need to focus on the profile. You can see your connection or find other contacts. Then, you only need to check their profile account and view the profile to make sure that it is what you need.

2. Save and download

This is quite different from the process to download resume in LinkedIn. In this case, you can save the profile by accessing the menu more in the profile of your connection. Then, you will find option save to PDF. You only need to click it and the process will run.

Surely, these two points can become useful information for you. You can know how to download resume in LinkedIn. Then, you also get information of how to download and save the profile, both yours and your connection.