How to Join a Group in LinkedIn Platform?

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The steps on how to join a group in LinkedIn is not complicated at all. You need to know them in order to build better professional network.

If you want to develop your account more, you should learn how to join a group in LinkedIn. A group in this platform will contain people who have similar interest in their career. In this group, you can interact with fellow members and coming out with fruitful conversations. Let’s see more about it.

How to Join a Group in LinkedIn Platform?

Steps on Joining a LinkedIn Group

Are you interested in joining a professional LinkedIn group? If you do, you should pay attention to these following steps to do the job properly. Sign in first into your account to proceed.

1. Browsing for a Certain Group

The first thing that you need to do is browsing for a group that captures your professional interests. You should know that each group has concern in specific topic. If you want it to work, you should join a group in LinkedIn that you genuinely like. The platform allows you to browse for groups as well as looking at tailored recommendations.

The following part explains the initial step on how to join a group in LinkedIn, starting with browsing feature.

  • Sign into your account.
  • Head to search bar which is located at the upper side of your homepage.
  • Type in certain keywords which indicate the name of group that you want to join.
  • There will be several dropdown menus, head to Groups to find names of groups that correlate with your keywords.

You can also join a group in LinkedIn based on tailored recommendations on your profile. The recommendations are made based on information written on your profile, whether it is made public or not. Here are the steps to access those recommendations.

  • Sign into your account.
  • Select icon for “Work” at the upper side of your homepage.
  • Choose menu named “Groups”.
  • Go to the bottom and tap on “Search”.

2. Case for Unavailability When Browsing

When you are browsing for the right group through those methods, sometimes you do not find recommendations. There are several reasons that may cause it. Possibly, the reason is because you have sent too many requests for group membership or have already been a member in too many groups. In order to join a group in LinkedIn, you should know that the platform only gives you 100 slots for any group membership activity.

Another reason that will cause you to be unable getting recommendations to follow LinkedIn groups is that you do not enter sufficient information in your profile. This is why filling additional information in your profile and updating it regularly is very important.

3. Choosing the Most Suitable Group

How do you know if a group is the right one for you before you join a group in LinkedIn? You read the information related to the group better. Here is what you can to get that information.

  • On your browser or recommendation page, click on a group’s name that captivate your interests.
  • You will be directed to the group’s homepage.
  • Head to “About this group” section to look for the group’s information in detail before you join a group in LinkedIn.

4. Request for Joining the Group

Once you have decided that a group is right for you, how to join a group in LinkedIn? Let’s follow these steps.

  • Head to the group’s page.
  • Select a button that will make you send request to join the group.
  • Wait until you receive invitation to join from group’s manager or its members.
  • Accept the invitation.

Grouping in this social media is not a rocket science. The process is very simple and streamlined. You should totally join a group here because it is capable of developing your professional self quickly. User can get to know new people who share similar interests just by knowing how to join a group in LinkedIn.