How to Make LinkedIn Private and Good Benefits of this Feature

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You may need to know how to make LinkedIn private. This is useful feature to keep your privacy in using the LinkedIn and seeing the profiles of other account.

When you have LinkedIn account, there can be many things to do. This is surely useful platforms for you to deal with your business and personal profile or information. In this case, the platform can be so useful either you are job seeker or person who look for potential candidate for your staff. Surely, this is the helpful platform to deal with jobs and grow business. In case you are now in position to find some suitable persons for your business, maybe information about how to make LinkedIn private can be interesting points that you should know.

How to Make LinkedIn Private and Good Benefits of this Feature

Importance of Making Your LinkedIn Private

It is true that you can make LinkedIn private. This is possible to do and surely it will give you great benefits. When you are now in position to look for many people, sometimes you want to hide your identity so the account owners will not know that you have just checked the profile. It is very important in case you need to stay hidden. Simply, it is like using incognito and no one will ever know your action.

Of course, it is not part of violating privacy. It is still fine to do and actually LinkedIn provides this feature for all accounts. It is not only you but other account owners or users can also use the feature. This is very important to stay hidden and unknown. After knowing this feature, surely you may need to know how to make LinkedIn private. This surely can be useful as you are searching and looking for the potential candidates of staffs for your business.

Some Steps of How to Make LinkedIn Private

Surely, feature to make account private is useful. You and other people will surely need to do this. In some occasions, it is always better to make things in privacy. Actually, the steps are quite easy and simple. However, it is recommended to pay attention to the details since there are some important points to know.

1. Login

Of course, first step of to make LinkedIn private is to login. The feature specifically deals with your account setting. It means that you have to become the account owner to get authorized in making some changes.

2. Go to the Setting and Privacy

After that, you can continue the step to make LinkedIn private by accessing the icon of Me. It can be found easily on the top of your account page. This will lead to some menus and settings. In this case, what you need to find is Settings & Privacy.

The steps of how to make LinkedIn private deal with your privacy, so you should go to the Privacy in this menu. After you click it, you will find the setting that will regulate how other accounts check and see the activity of your LinkedIn account.

You can change how other account sees your activity and this can be found in the Profile Viewing Options. You will not find difficulties in dealing with this since the menus are already seen and you will understand once you open the page of account privacy setting.

3. Choose the mode

In this case, you can make LinkedIn private and there are some modes to choose. First, you can let people only see your name and headline when you have just visited and checked their profile. Of course, this still gives them information about you.

The second option is that you can only show some characteristics and there is no name in the lists. This is also good option to have, but it still does not fully hide your identity. When you really want to make LinkedIn private, you can choose the third option. It is the full private mode and no one will ever know that you have just checked profiles.

These steps are surely helpful for your privacy. You can always stay hidden and unknown when you are checking profiles. Of course, it may also happen to you since other people can also access the same setting. Of course, you should always check the details of how to make LinkedIn private.