How to Network on LinkedIn – Creating Bigger Connection

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Knowing how to network on LinkedIn can be considered a basic knowledge to have in this platform. Networking is definitely an essential part of LinkedIn.

Having a proper understanding about how to network on LinkedIn is the most important thing if you want to utilize this platform optimally. As you should know, networking is the main theme of LinkedIn. Through the platform, you will be able to explain your professional endeavors on personal and business level.

How to Network on LinkedIn - Creating Bigger Connection

Using Tools to Develop Professional Network on the Platform

There are varieties of tools featured to help user building LinkedIn network. Some of the tools can be accessed by user regardless their account plan. Let’s take a look at these useful tools.

1. Finding Connection Nearby

If you are using LinkedIn app for mobile phone (iOS and Android), you will be able to use a smart feature named “Find Nearby”. This feature enables user to connect with people who are also utilizing this social media on their mobile devices. It is a super useful feature if you are in the midst of professional events or work conferences since the tool helps you connect with other who have similar interests.

Here is how to network on LinkedIn using this feature on iOS and Android devices. You have to make sure that you are signed in to your account at all time. It is also pivotal to have the app on your phone updated.

  • Turn on your Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Click on menu named “My Network”.
  • Select the “Find nearby” button which placed at the top.
  • Confirm that you are allowing the app to access location, Bluetooth, wireless internet and other related features to support its running.
  • There will be a list of people around you (approximately within 30 meters range). Select the name of person that you want to make network on LinkedIn.
  • Invite the person to connect your accounts.

2. User Invitations

To create network on LinkedIn, most users will suggest starting with people you already know in real life. It will be easy if your friend already has an account. However, not everyone owns LinkedIn profile. If you experience this bump, you can definitely invite your friends or work colleagues to this platform using a feature called “Invitations”.

The following part will explain method to make professional connection on LinkedIn if your intended person has no profile on the social media yet. You need to know the person’s email address to do this.

  • Sign into your account.
  • Under menu for connection, tap on “See all”.
  • Since the contacts in your email address used to register the account are in-sync with LinkedIn system, you can easily detect if friends or colleagues who do not own accounts. Click “More options”.
  • Choose envelope shaped icon named “Invite by email”.
  • Enter unregistered friend’s email address to network on LinkedIn. You can invite multiple friends at once by entering numerous email addresses with each address separated by comma.
  • Proceed with the invitation.

3. Messaging Feature: LinkedIn InMail

This particular feature is a paid one. You have to update your basic account to premium one in order to utilize this feature. InMail enables user to send a private message to somebody who is not connected to them at 1st level. This help to foster broader network on LinkedIn. Each account plan has assigned InMail to be sent every day, but user can always purchase more.

How to network on LinkedIn using InMail feature? Let’s see the steps.

  • Head to the profile of member that you can to connect with.
  • Go to the introduction card and select for more options.
  • Choose a menu called “Message”.
  • Tailor an interesting introduction message to network on LinkedIn. You can add subject in the beginning.
  • Send your InMail and wait for the user’s response.

When you are using this social media, you should gain the benefits that it promises: connectivity with people who will help expanding you and/or your business professionally. Luckily several features are provided to help you doing it. Thus, learning how to network on LinkedIn utilizing those tools becomes pivotal.