How to Upload Resume in LinkedIn Easily

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It is important to know how to upload resume in LinkedIn. It is going to open your way to the professional world even easier.

Everyone has to understand how to upload resume in LinkedIn. It is like the best way to introduce yourself to the professional world. LinkedIn is where people are looking for connections as well as recruiting them to their companies. Down below is the full information about completing your LinkedIn profile with resume.

How to Upload Resume in LinkedIn Easily

Step by Step to Upload Resume in LinkedIn

If you have never use LinkedIn before, let alone uploading a resume file on your profile, you will have the step by step tutorial down below. It will help you to understand how to upload resume in LinkedIn with ease.

1. Go to “About”

Uploading resume file on LinkedIn easily is not something hard to do. The first thing that you have to do when you want to complete your LinkedIn profile with a resume file is go to “About” section. This is the first step on how to upload resume in LinkedIn. You can find “About” section on your profile. If you cannot find one, try to go to your profile and look for “Edit Profile” instead.

2. Click Edit Icon

The next step to upload resume in LinkedIn is to edit the “About”. This is why you will have to find the edit icon. The edit icon is drawn like a pencil. Locate the pencil icon and click it. You will be able to edit the section by now. Check out the profile and make some needed changes before upload resume file on LinkedIn profile.

3. Go to “Media Section”

In order to upload resume in LinkedIn, you need to find the “Media Section”. It is where all media attachments, including files, can be brought to the profile. The “Media Section” is located down on the profile. So, to get there, you need to scroll down. Scroll down on the page until you find the “Media Section” and then click it.

4. Select the Resume File

Now, you need to select the resume file. This is the most important step when you want to upload resume in LinkedIn. Make sure that the resume file is the real and prepared one. If you make mistake when choosing the file, it will get uploaded on your profile and everyone can see it. So, do not make a wrong move in this one. Once the file is selected, click it to upload the file on LinkedIn. Wait until the uploading process is thoroughly done.

5. Add Title

To upload resume in LinkedIn and look professional, you need to make sure that the uploaded resume file has title on it. Once the file is uploaded, there will be a space for you to write its title. Give a great title to the resume so people will get interested in download and read your resume. Do not name the file randomly because it does not show any professionalism as well and may drive away some potential companies from hiring you.

6. Save and Done

Once the resume file is titled, the last step to upload resume in LinkedIn is to click “Save”. After that, you are all done. Now, check your profile to see if the resume file is really included in the “About” section. Click on the file and download it to make sure that it is the exact file you want it to be there on the profile.

Now that you know how to upload resume in LinkedIn, just start creating your profile now. If you are currently looking for a job, LinkedIn profile is literally the mandatory thing to have. Follow the guidance above to set up a reliable profile completed with a great resume.