Learning the Ways of How to Show Promotion on LinkedIn

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Several steps are necessary to apply on how to show promotion on LinkedIn. As you know, everything has to be as simple as possible with enough information.

People may ask about how to show promotion on LinkedIn. The answer is simple because this platform provides features to adjust the work promotion from initial workday until the recent position. Why do you need to show promotion on LinkedIn? Several reasons make employees decide to show off their accomplishment.

Learning the Ways of How to Show Promotion on LinkedIn

Important Thing to Show Promotion on LinkedIn

Promotion on LinkedIn has been the best platform in order to keep on the track related to your jobs. You can start to build profile and add what the job position you have today. After one or two years, the promotion may come from employer, and users can show promotion on LinkedIn. To do such thing, just follow below instructions.

  1. Go to LinkedIn profile.
  2. Put additional job desk or new promotion then set notification.
  3. Go to the main profile and check if the change is working.
  4. Show promotion is done.

Why do changing the employment situation? Many head hunters and recruitment agencies use LinkedIn to find the right person for several jobs. The person with experience is highly valued. They look for profile with impressive resumes based on LinkedIn promotion record. For such matter, you might receive calling from them and offer better job placement. This is the main reason why most employees try so hard to show promotion on LinkedIn.

Employees who have been in the same employers for long time may also want to create record for their work and achievement. For example, you can start from internship and move to the junior assistant. After several years, you are already in managing position, even in higher place. This is for employee that has loyal factor to company. Headhunter might call him or her, but all offers are rejected. It is rare to do such thing in modern and digital era. However, some companies still put value to the employee loyalty. That’s why they show promotion on LinkedIn as chronicle event from time to time.

Another issue related how to show promotion on LinkedIn is you may work for several employers. When entering first time employee, you were in small company. After two years, you moved to multinational company with better position. Three years later, you are in different company although the position is slightly similar. LinkedIn has features for such situation. You can separate each employer into specific category then write your career one by one. In certain case, you work in both companies side by side that are still on going until you write that resume. This is why separating employer becomes the best way. Both companies might be related to similar in term of business trade and field. However, you become different employer for each of them.

More about How to Show Promotion on LinkedIn

Asking the method to show promotion on LinkedIn is no enough without knowing what the right way to put all necessary information. Recruitment agency receives notification about your promotion but you need to understand the benefits.

This situation creates another problem because some promotions are trivial and not worth to mention. How do you handle this situation properly? Any promotion is accomplishment that you receive the best compliment. When you think certain promotion does not supposed to be in LinkedIn, it is time to change few information. The process is similar to what have been explained. The employees just edit few things. The steps are the modified answer from how to show promotion on LinkedIn.

One tip for better resume in LinkedIn is to always put concise job and position as simple as possible. People do not have time to read the entire resume, especially recruitment managers. They want to know you as deep as possible in less time. Instead of basic skill and standard resume, the achievements like promotions bring more consideration. That’s why most employees will ask about how to show promotion on LinkedIn.