Midland Mortgage Careers for Aspiring Mortgage Officers

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If you are interested in taking a career path in mortgage industry, these Midland Mortgage careers should be interesting. There are several options to choose.

Are you interested to take a career path in mortgage industry? Mortgage related careers are not only fulfilling financial wise. You also get a sense of accomplishment by helping people obtaining homes and being secured financially.  Midland Mortgage careers should be interesting for you. This company has a long mortgage experience.

Midland Mortgage Careers for Aspiring Mortgage Officers

Interesting Career Options at Midland Mortgage

There are many types of mortgage related jobs out there. Some jobs are more linked to the financial aspect of mortgage while others might have more social aspect by interacting with clients. Let’s see some Midland career options available within the mortgage industry.

1. Mortgage Loan Officer

Loan officer is the one whom potential mortgagor will meet. They help making the application process runs smoothly. The officer is going to answer everything related to the mortgage application procedure. First of all, the officer is going to inform the type of loan that customer is eligible for as well as the amount that customer can get based on their information.

Once a specific loan plan has been set, officer then will guide borrower into the entire steps. The steps include filling in the application form, insurance form, and escrow account. During the mortgage course, the officer will also deal with the more complicated mortgage issues that you experience

2. Loan Counselor

One of Midland Mortgage careers that deal with delicate matter is loan counselor. The counselor is someone whom mortgagor with financial issues will see when they need to solve issues regarding miss payments due to inability to set aside the fund. This job is especially important because the lender will not want the mortgagor to experience foreclosure in their property.

When the mortgagor contacts loan counselor, both parties must work on a certain solution that is deemed suitable for that situation. There are several options available in this company, such as: repayment plan, modification of the loan, and (at the worst case) property sale.

3. Customer Service Officer

You can also apply for a career as customer service officer at Midland. This job is definitely taxing as you are dealing with heavy influx of customers every day. However, many have stated how fulfilling the job really is. There are varieties of tasks that the customer service officer must deal with, but they do not delve deep into the financial side of mortgage case.

Instead, the officer will be answering questions such as request for mortgage statements, trouble with logging into one’s online account, and issues with making payment to borrower’s mortgage account. The officer is also responsible to connect borrower with certain issues to the right officer so that they can solve the problem quickly.

4. Credit Analyst

Another interesting career option within Midland Mortgage careers is credit analyst. The person is going to deal with client’s data mainly during the initial step of mortgage application. The data that this analyst is going to handle is borrower’s credit history. Based on credit history several years prior, analyst must determine the current credit score of borrower.

It is important since that will determine the type of plan suitable for certain borrower. In addition to that, credit score is also a determinant of the total loan amount that borrower can get. Throughout the course of mortgage, the credit score will also fluctuate and the analyst might have to recalculate it.

5. Loan Underwriter

Another important career path in the Midland Mortgage job pool is loan underwriter. The underwriter is someone who is responsible in making decision whether a potential borrower’s application is worth the risk. Once the data required to conduct the assessment has been assembled, underwriting process will begin.

There are several types of data that loan underwriter will deal with. First of all, they will look at the borrower’s credit score that has been analyzed by credit analyst. After that, the underwriter will check on one’s ratio of debt to income to see the capability of applicant in paying for the mortgage bill. Underwriter should also weigh the collateral provided by borrower prior to making decision.

The Review of Careers at Midland Mortgage

Each mortgage company offers different kind of workplace atmosphere and advancement in career. That determines job seeker’s choice. How are Midland Mortgage careers being reviewed by the current and former employees?

Considering the salary, it is said that the company offers standard level of salary if compared to other mortgage companies. The salary varies based on the workload, experience, and expertise. Of course, experienced financial officer will get higher salary if compared to customer service officer.

This company is also known for its long work hours. So it is in your hand to consider whether Midland offers a work and home life balance for its workers. Since it deals with customers all around the United States, the workload is also considerably heavy.

The information that is provided above should enlighten you in things related to Midland Mortgage careers if you are interested in such career path. It can be considered a stressful career but with a fruitful outcome of helping other people achieving their dream house. If you consider it that way, it feels great.