Some Basic Steps of How to Post on LinkedIn

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It is important to know how to post on LinkedIn. It will help you to get network and some benefits in developing business.

When you are now looking for jobs, it is good things to know how to post on LinkedIn. Well, LinkedIn becomes the platform where you can post your profile and let other people see you. Many professionals and companies have used the platform to gain network and bring benefits for business.

Some Basic Steps of How to Post on LinkedIn

The Steps of How to Post on LinkedIn

It is true that LinkedIn has become the global platform to maintain network and gain benefits for personal life and business. That’s why it is important to know the steps of making the post in LinkedIn. It is actually easy steps, and knowing them once will be enough. Of course, things will be clearer when it is made into practices.

1. Make LinkedIn account

Of course, the first point is to have LinkedIn account. Basically, it is kind of social media platforms. However, people usually use the platform for some serious purposes, including gaining more opportunities in finding jobs. It is very easy to make and it is just the same as making common account.

2. Open LinkedIn Home

After you get account, first step of how to post on LinkedIn is find your home. The home button can be found easily on the menu bar on top of the screen. In this case, you should know that home is different from your profile page. In the home page, you will be able to find your posts and make your new post.

3. Write article

When you are already in your home page, then you can find a space with button of “write an article”. It is the button to start making post on LinkedIn. Once you click the button, you will continue to the next step. Of course, it is always important to know what you are going to write before you make a post.

4. Make a header image

In the next step of how to post on LinkedIn, you will start to work on the header. In this case, you do not make any words or sentence. Yet, you are able to add an image. In this case, it is important to find representative and interesting image. It should also b image that represent your post.

Specifically, LinkedIn has recommended that image for the post on LinkedIn should be 698×400 pixels. Of course, it is also fine to use image with higher resolutions since the sizes will be adjusted to the available frame in the page.

5. Make a Headline and Post Body

After adding the image, then it is going to be the main part of the post on LinkedIn. It is the headline and post body. Headline will be like the title of your post. You can only make 70 characters as the headline, so you should choose the words wisely.

For the body, it is the paragraphs of your article. In this part, it is better if you pay attention to your organization of idea, so readers will be able to understand your post on LinkedIn easily. After making the body, it is always important to spare time to reread and check the errors.

6. Create a footer

As the footer, you can add your short profile. The intention to have footer in the post on LinkedIn is to let people know the author. By having short bio, it will give important information and it is good to have hyperlink as the supportive point in the post.

7. Publish and share

Then, the last step is to publish your post on LinkedIn. Once you have checked the content and reread them, it is time to make the post published. You only need to click the button and it will be uploaded. You may also share your posts in your social media.

These are the complete steps of making post in LinkedIn. Basically, these are not complicated steps. However, it is always good to have nice contents and good ideas in the posts. Preparing the content before writing and publishing it will also be important in the steps of how to post on LinkedIn.