The List of Midland Mortgage Locations

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If you want to use the service of Midland Mortgage, you need to fully understand the Midland Mortgage locations. The list is explained down below.

Midland Mortgage locations can be found in several areas across USA. As we all know, Midland is one of the finest companies when it comes to mortgage loan. It has professional services and many different types of loan for you. So, where to find them anyway? Here is full information about it.

The List of Midland Mortgage Locations

Midland Mortgage Locations: The Headquarter

One of the most well-known Midland Mortgage locations is surely in its headquarter. The headquarter is where everything is centered, including the office for founders and boards of the company. Here is where the headquarter of Midland can be found.

1. The Address

The address of the headquarter is in Oklahoma City. To be exact, the headquarter of Midland is located in 999 NW Grand Blvd, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73118. That address serves as the mailing address for the company as well. You can mail your complains, proposal, and even your monthly payment to that address. Of course, you need to previously contact the customer service officer of Midland before sending anything to the address. Otherwise, the mail will not get responded. Be careful of sending one, especially when it contains money payment for the bills. Make sure you always contact the customer service first.

2. The Working Hours

As one of the most important Midland Mortgage locations, the headquarter is often sought by a lot of people. That is why they need to understand its working hours. The working hour of the company is quite average. It opens and serves the customer from Monday to Friday. The headquarter opens at 8 AM in the morning and will be closed by 5 PM in the afternoon. As for Saturdays and Sundays, the headquarter is closed and cannot receive any visitors. Come at Mondays for best services because usually all the loan officers are available and stand by at the office.

3. The Phone to Call

To call the headquarter of Midland; you can contact +1 405-426-1299. The phone line is going to direct you to the customer service of the company. Call the number if you want to do inquiry about the headquarter office. The number can also be used to connect you to the common services of the company, including speaking to loan officer or making payment. If you cannot reach the number, try to contact them at office hours. The customer service of that line is not a 24/7 one. It follows the working hours of the headquarter.

Other Midland Mortgage Locations outside Oklahoma

Midland is the Oklahoma-based company. That’s why the main office and the branches are mostly located in Oklahoma. However, Midland Mortgage locations are available in other states as well. One of states where Midland surely grows strong is in South Carolina.

1. Columbia

One of the most famous Midland Mortgage locations is located in Columbia. It is quite acceptable because Columbia is known as one of the biggest cities in South Carolina. In Columbia, the branch of Midland can be found on Richland Street. The full address is in 1500 Richland Street Columbia, SC 29201. The office opens from Money to Friday from 8 AM to 5 PM as well, just like the headquarter. If you want to contact this office brand, you can call (803) 765-1680.

2. Charlestown

Midland also has a branch office in Charleston, South Carolina. The office is located at 25 Cumberland Street, Suite 120, Charleston, SC 29401. The office can be used to give service related to mortgage loan for the customers. There are several loan officers who work in this branch office and you can talk to them anytime to discuss about the loan. Simply come to the location of this branch office or call (843) 277-8596 first to make an appointment with one of the loan officers there. The branch office, like other branches, opens daily on weekdays: Monday to Friday. It can be visited from 8 AM to 5 PM. The branch closes on weekends.

3. Lexington

The Midland Mortgage locations list is a long one. It is including the location of the company in Lexington. In Lexington, the company can be found in 105 Vista Oaks Drive, Suite B, Lexington, SC 29072. The location is quite easy to find and always crowded with customers. Make sure you contact (803) 569-1335 first to check out the office. However, it should not be necessary because the branch office is always open on Monday to Friday in office hours (8 AM to 5 PM).

Well, it is now clear where to find the company. In fact, the company can easily be found, not only in Oklahoma, but also in different locations. Make sure you understand well about Midland Mortgage locations, so you can find the closest one to you when you are in need of lending money for buying a house.