Thing to Know about How to Add Interests on LinkedIn

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As user, you should know how to add interests on LinkedIn. Many people overlook this particular profile section despite its importance.

For LinkedIn users, knowing how to add interests on LinkedIn is a basic user skill. Interest is a specific section in a profile that shows certain keywords indicating topics that user is interested in. Of course, you can leave this section empty. However, there are plenty benefits from filling it.

Thing to Know about How to Add Interests on LinkedIn

Why Do You Need to Fill Interest Section?

Since it is only requested during the sign up process, you might ask how important it is to add interests on LinkedIn. Most users will tell you that adding (and updating) interests is important. Here are the reasons why you should tag some interests on LinkedIn profile.

1. Creating a Great Impression

The first reason to share your interests on LinkedIn account is to create impression to your audience. When someone is viewing your profile, they will continuously scroll down until they reach the interest section which is located at the bottom part of page. If someone reads your interests, they will automatically form certain impression about you. They can guess what type of person that you are just based on this information. Because of that, you cannot slack off about this matter.

2. Building Solid Network

Another reason to add interests on LinkedIn is to build solid network. LinkedIn is a platform designed to help professionals of varied career paths developing the connections, particularly in their respective fields. With the addition of interest on the profile, you will be able to achieve this much easier. It is because your profile visitor can immediately see what you are interested in. If they see that you are sharing similar preference with them, the chance to build great network will be higher. It will be a great conversation starter as well.

3. Receiving the Latest News

As you know, social media platforms are run by algorithm. When you have learned how to add interests on LinkedIn, you should immediately include the tags on your profile. The algorithm will then tailor your feed with the latest news related to the tags on your profile. This way, you will stay informed about things that matter to you just simply by signing into your account. If you are a job seeker, you will get information about new openings in a company that you want to enter quickly.

How to Add Interests on LinkedIn

It is common that your interests develop as time goes by. You should add interests on LinkedIn every time you find things that you think will help with the advancement of your career.

The following steps explain how to add interests on LinkedIn profile.

  • Sign in to your account.
  • Head to a section for additional information which is located at the top of your profile page.
  • Go to sub-section named “Interests”.
  • Tap “Add Interests”.
  • Click the editing icon (it shapes like a pencil).
  • Tag things that you are interested in.

You can also add interests on LinkedIn profile based on tags you see on other user’s profile. Here are the steps.

  • Sign into your account.
  • Visit the profile of LinkedIn user and immediately go to their interest section.
  • Tap on “See more” once.
  • There will be a plus (+) sign which is placed beside to the user’s interest. You can click on that sign if you want to add that tag to your own profile.

You should know before you add interests on LinkedIn that this section display companies, groups, schools, and public figures. It is important to understand what it will entail when you are adding certain tags to the list.

As you can see, the implication of having tags related to your interest is quite big on this social media platform. Sure, it is an additional section. However, you will gain plenty of things once you manage to do this. This is why knowing how to add interests on LinkedIn is crucial.