US Bank Mortgage Phone Number List for Borrowers

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There is a specific US Bank Mortgage phone number for every mortgage case you encounter. This list is providing you a nice gist on which number to contact in certain situation.

As well established bank that offers mortgage loan funding, US Bank has a great number of customers who utilize its varied mortgage services. If you discover certain issue with your mortgage, there is always way to connect with the company, one of them is through US Bank Mortgage phone number.

US Bank Mortgage Phone Number List for Borrowers

List of US Bank Mortgage Phone Numbers

This bank establishes various means of contact in order to ensure that customer will be receiving prompt help whenever necessary. The mortgage lender provides specific channel for each distinctive case. Here is the list of US Bank phone numbers for mortgage.

1. Information about Home Purchase

This bank accommodates people who want to purchase or build a new home. There are various mortgage plans being offered by the lender. There is a fixed rate conventional loan for those who plan to stay at the property for really long time. You can get loan that finances expensive property too. This bank also offers government agency insured mortgage loans. For those who are thinking about building a new home, US Bank designed a specific loan program for that.

If you want to get information about mortgage loan programs offered for home purchase, you can contact a US Bank Mortgage phone number: (877) 303-1637. This number is available for long hours during weekdays which mean that prospective borrowers get ease of access.

2. Information about Property Refinancing

If you are interested in refinancing your home, you should try to get information about this bank’s offered programs. There are many reasons that make mortgagor opting for home refinancing. They may want to change their old mortgage terms (by reducing monthly bill or shortening the mortgage loan term. Refinancing is sometimes also done because mortgagor wants to access their home equity for quick cash.

Those who want to be provided with comprehensive information about the bank’s refinancing program can contact a company’s representative at (877) 303-1640. This number can be easily contacted in weekdays for long hours.

3. Mortgage Application

Before you are thinking about making mortgage application, you should call US Bank Mortgage phone number in order to get prequalified. Prequalification can be considered a mandatory step if you want to obtain a mortgage loan from this bank. This step is going to give new borrower accurate information about how much money they are qualified to borrow. It also provides some possible loan plans that prospective mortgagor can apply.

To get such information, you need to call (855) 505-1232 in order to get connected with loan officer who is stationed close to your area. This loan officer is going to help you going through complicated application process step by step.

4. VA Related Issues

People who have served in US military have the qualification to access Veteran Affairs (VA) loans. This bank also offers other financial products which cater to veterans. Luckily, it has experienced officers who are well versed in Servicemember Civil Relief Act (SCRA). These officers will be able to help any issues that veteran may experience.

In order to contact the experienced staff, you can call (800) 934-9555. This number is available on Monday to Friday from 7 a.m. to 12 a.m. ET. There is also a phone number to contact if you are living abroad: (513) 277-5899.

5. Hardship Assistance

Borrower is encouraged to contact US Bank Mortgage phone number is they experience financial related hardships which can possibly prevent them from fulfilling the obligation of a mortgagor (paying the bill). This bank offers variety of assistance options, such as: loan modification, repayment system, and foreclosure. Mortgagor consults to the bank so that both parties can decide the best course of action against current financial issues.

The number you need to call is (800) 365-7900. This number can be contacted on Monday to Friday at 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. CT and on Saturday at 9 a.m. to CT. The counselor expects troubled borrower to disclose important information, such as: concise financial situation details, list of expenses, and proof of family’s income.

6. Mortgage Account Issues

In the course of mortgage term, borrower is likely to encounter issues with their mortgage account. Mortgagor may not receive monthly statement at appropriate time. They may also face situation when the mortgage account rejects their monthly bill for certain reasons. Borrower may also need to review their mortgage process and require certain information.

You should contact US Bank Mortgage phone number for general customer service. The number is (800) 365-7772. This contact mean is available during weekdays. If you need help, you are encouraged to contact the support team as quickly as possible.

An Alternative to Contacting US Bank Phone Number for Mortgage Issues

A well-established institution will know how to handle their customers. One thing that it can do is creating several platforms that customer can use to contact the company’s representatives.

The online banking system created by US Bank is a modern alternative to the phone line of US Bank Mortgage. This system allows borrowers to do mortgage activities conveniently since it can be accessed at any time of the day. There is no need to call or come to the office since every action can be done using your own gadget. This is why borrower is asked to create an account.

Here are steps to establish a login account so that you do not need to rely on US Bank Mortgage phone number all the time.

  • Access this link
  • Click on “Sign up today”.
  • Choose “Personal” account type.
  • Enter mortgage account number.
  • Enter Social Security Number (SSN).
  • Enter PIN if you have any then click “Continue”.
  • Provide login credentials and account protection measures.
  • Agree to the terms and conditions of this online platform.
  • Confirm the registration process.

Through this online account, user is able to conduct various mortgage activities. They can make mortgage payment, request for assistance, and contact customer service. Nonetheless, if you still want to get human help you should save US Bank Mortgage phone number list. Surely automated system is different than interacting with others.